Jinger Duggar Flees Instagram After Fan Criticism: Is She Okay?

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We have already reported on how fans worry that Jinger Duggar is worn out with a newborn.

Now, it looks like she's taking a "break" from Instagram after fans asked real questions about her last post.

Jinger Duggar Drinks Coffee ... While Pregnant!

On November 22, Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo welcomed the birth of their second child, Evangeline Jo Vuolo.

Though they are not new to being parents, a new baby always means change, less sleep, and a new normal.

That hasn't stopped these two from being busy with other ventures, too.

JInger Is Exhausted

Jinger and Jeremy recently launched an accessories line.

The brand, Hope & Stead, donates a portion of all proceeds to charity.

Speaking of hope, they have also launched a new podcast, called Hope We Hold.

Jinger Duggar on TLC's Counting On

Some fans have been downright worried over Jinger lately.

She has looked tired and less made up in more and more photos (though, to be fair, many mistake "no makeup" for "tired" or "sick").

It's not unusual for the mom of a newborn to feel drained, but followers have commented that she needs rest and that Jeremy needs to step up.

Jinger Duggar, Podcast Host

Now, recently, Jinger and Jeremy started pushing their fans to sponsor a child.

This sponsorship would cost $38 per month, but the money wouldn't be going directly to the child.

Rather, the children would be connected to a church-based sponsorship program ... raising questions, eyebrows, and red flags among fans.

Jinger Duggar With Evangeline Vuolo

“Forgive me for sounding brazen but don’t you think for once, instead of asking us to open our wallets," one lengthy comment reads.

The commenter continued: "It would be honorable to make whatever monetary contributions you need from your own pockets?”

That comment ended up being the most-liked of her Instagram comments.

The Vuolos In 2020

Jinger did not reply to the popular comment or in any way respond publicly to the commenter.

More than a week later, she has not posted anything else to her Instagram account outside of her Instagram Stories, which are by nature ephemeral.

Is that a coincidence? Or did Jinger shut down in the face of some very fair criticism?

Jinger With Felicity

It's more than possible that Jinger was simply not in a place to post anything, much less respond to cmments.

She's dealing with a newborn -- just a few weeks old -- and is now a mother of two, and juggling a couple of business ventures to boot.

Of course she's going to feel stretched a little thin. Besides, everybody needs a social media break from time to time. Well, almost everyone.

Jinger Duggar and Fam

It is important to remember that there can be valid reasons for wealthy people to share donation information.

Someone even mildly rich (Jinger and Jeremy are living a "comfortable" lifestyle, but largely not through their own money) might donate $1,000 to a ccause that they favor.

But 1,000 non-rich people with $38 per month to spare can obviously do a lot more. We understand that.

Jinger Duggar on Her Gram

A lot of fans are understandably fatiqued with hearing the Duggars, especially this year, asking them to open their wallets.

2020 has been hard on everyone, and people aren't wrong to be guarded about their money in uncertain times.

Also, it's a sad fact that not all charities can be trusted, and that even includes religious charities. How much of that money goes directly towards the sponsored child? Fans want to know. Still, they also hope that Jinger is okay.

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