Jade Cline Lashes Out: MTV Is Making Me Look Like a Bad Mom!

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When Jade Cline was selected to replace Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2, the expectation was that the troubled mother of one would deliver some major drama.

And thus far, she hasn't disappointed.

Jade Cline in 2020

Hell, the latest promos for the show begin with Jade very loudly declaring that she does not want to "F--KING FAIL!!!"

And as a magnet for drama and instability, she certainly hasn't failed.

But by other metrics, Jade has certainly struggled, and many of her lowest moments have been captured on camera.

Jade Cline on the Gram

Now, Jade is participating in a proud Teen Mom tradition -- namely, biting the hand that feeds by throwing a public tantrum about the sort of content that's presented on the show.

A recent episode featured a scene in which Jade spoke with her mother about the possibility of dumping her boyfriend, Shawn, due to his unwillingness to work.

Jade Cline on Set

Cline says she had no idea she's being filmed during the tearful conversation, and she was stunned when she saw the scene on Teen Mom 2.

“What’s sooo funny about this is they secretly filmed all this without my knowledge," Cline tweeted recently.

"Basically lied to my face and said we were done filming and me and my mom we’re having a private conversation that they decided to take upon their self [sic] to record while I had no idea. Annoying AF,” she continued.

Jade Cline Sells Supplements

“It seriously blows my mind how MTV only shows horrible negative s–t on my story. I’m sick of all the bulls–t I’m getting from people saying I’m a bad mom. I do everything for my kid. You guys see five minutes of a bad day and assume that’s my life every single second. Dumb.”

Harsh words, obviously.

But least Jade stopped just short of threatening to quit, which is a common tactic used by reality stars in her situation.

Jade Cline Image

Cline went on to claim that she was sticking up not only for herself, but for all moms.

“Moms are allowed to have bad days. Everyone has bad days, kids have bad days. Some days are harder than others: Jade tweeted.

"You guys just don’t have your s–t broadcasted on national television. Trust me, I know you people aren’t perfect either,” she added, addressing her critics directly.

Jade Cline Selfie

“That high and mighty s–t is for the birds. Literally begging for the day one of you weird obsessed psychos says some s–t to my face instead of online.”

Sitting around fantasizing about committing acts of violence?

See? We told you Jade was a lot like Jenelle.

Jade Cline Pic

Of course, unlike her predecessor, Jade is interested in exploring the origins of her violent impulses so that she might learn to control them.

Jade feels that her scenes are edited in such a way as to make it look like she's an unfit parent, while in reality, she says, she's created a much more stable home than the one she grew up in.

“I’ve also made a lot of changes with my parenting and how I discipline my kid, growing up I got my ass beat for everything,” Jade wrote.

Jade Cline and Child

“Time out or talking to wasn’t a thing during my childhood. And I’ve been breaking that cycle with my kid.”

She seems to have a self-awareness that Jenelle lacks, and that could help Jade to adjust some of her more harmful behaviors.

Whatever the case, you can be sure that MTV camera crews will be there to document every minute of it.

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