Gabi DeMartino BANNED from OnlyFans for Posting Sick Toddler Video

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Let's be honest -- most of us haven't really thought of Gabi DeMartino since she appeared in "Thank You, Next" in an olive branch from Ariana Grande.

But after she posted a "won't put my panties on" video of herself as a toddler to OnlyFans, the social media landscape is outraged.

Gabi DeMartino Selfie

Gabriella Nelida DeMartino is better known as Gabi DeMartino.

She is a fashion and beauty vlogger, singer-songwriter, actress, and even screen writer.

Between her diminutive height, her facial structure, and her personal style, her appearance is often compared to Ariana Grande.

Gabi DeMartino Shows Some Skin

Unlike Ariana Grande, Gabi has an OnlyFans account.

She does not post nudity or sexually explicit material on the account, instead using it more or less like a second, paid Instagram account.

So as you can imagine, her subscribers were pretty stunned when they logged on to see her offering what looked like a scandalous video.

Gabi DeMartino Talks Self-Care

In addition to subscriptions, OnlyFans creators can offer one-off paid purchases, like a packet of photos in their, like, sexy Halloween costume.

Gabi offered one such video, a 36 second video that subscribers could unlock for $3.

The video's caption teased: "won't put my panties on," followed by a somewhat flirtateous blushing emoji.

Gabi DeMartino Mirror Selfie

So what's the problem? Is she just the latest already-famous person to sign up for OnlyFans and use it to scam subscribers with misleading content?

Unfortunately, this is much more serious.

The video reportedly showed a less-than-fully-dressed video of Gabi, alright. The problem is that the video was of Gabi when she was three yers old.

Gabi DeMartino on Instagram

So, to recap: Gabi teased fans with a 35-second video featuring a flirtateous, teasing caption in exchange for money on an adult media subscription site.

The video featured her as a three-year-old.

Fans were disgusted, appalled, scandalized, and outraged -- and it is impossible to blame them.

Gabi DeMartino Christmas Pic

Gabi was immediately defensive, taking to Twitter to attempt to explain herself.

"A childhood video of me on the phone sayin 'Nani says put your panties back on' and jumping up and down laughing," she characterized the video on Twitter.

"I'm sorry I didn't think that one through. period," Gabi added.

Gabi DeMartino defense tweet 01 of 02

Gabi went on to describe the video as nothing more than "a home-video i love to share w my friends."

"I use my OF as a 'finsta' page," she continued.

Gabi continued, saying that she views it as a second Instagram "where i share stuff as i would w friends."

Niki DeMartino at the Teen Choice Awards

As many immediately pointed out on Twitter and elsewhere, that doesn't seem entirely plausible.

One doesn't generally charge one's friends and family to look at a 35-second childhood video of yourself.

Add to that the context of her teasing caption and that it was on OnlyFans, and her attempt to justify her actions truly defies belief.

Gabi DeMartino defense tweet 02 of 02

"The video was a goofy throwback family moment that I wanted to share with my personal onlyfans fancy babies." Gabi continued to insist.

She continues: "I am sorry that this wasn’t thought out completely I apologize."

"The video is down now," Gabi continued. "I am sorry again if this came out wrong."

Gabi DeMartino OnlyFans shut down DM

OnlyFans knows that they can only remain in operation if they do not become a safe haven for, let's face it, either actual or apparent child pornography.

No minors should appear on their site in any capacity whatsoever.

As such, they have shut down Gabi's account.

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