Donald Trump: Will He Return to The Apprentice?!?

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Donald Trump will soon be out of a job.

Yes, we know what the President has been Tweeting for several weeks now.

We know what various members of his cult have been yammering about in public, erroneously and dangerously claiming Trump only lost to Joe Biden because the 2020 election was rigged

Donald Trump is Irate

But make no mistake:

This is total, complete and corrupt nonsense.

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2021 and Trump, consequently, will be among the millions in thiis country who are unemployed.

Perhaps not for very long, however, claims a new report.

Donald Trump in Battle Creek

As he approaches the end of his term next month, Trump has "mentioned to confidants that he's thinking about resurrecting The Apprentice or The Celebrity Apprentice," writes The Daily Beast.

The alleged real estate magnate has supposedly been mentioning this idea in conversations over the past couple weeks, such as by asking confidants:

"How would you like to see The Apprentice come back?" or "Remember The Apprentice?"

Sadly, yes, we do all remember The Apprentice.

Donald Trump Lies

The NBC reality series, which featured businessmen and women competing against each other for jobs in a Trump-owned company, propped Trump up in the eyes of viewers for many years.

It premiered in 2004 and it made Trump look like someone in charge.

It made him look like a true success.

In many ways, it led to his White House run, considering it gave him a platform to spread racist conspiracies about Barack Obama and to gain a folllowing around the country.

Donald Trump at Press Conference

The Apprentice creator Mark Burnett might reportedly be open to this revival, too.

He's notoriously tight with Trump and has allegedly been "talking up the prospect and has told associates he sees a revived Apprentice as a potential huge money spinner," per The Daily Beast.

A spokesperson for Burnett offered a denial in this article, however, telling the outlet, "NOT TRUE zero discussions about TV."

Donald Trump as POTUS

It remains unclear just what Trump plans to do once he leaves offiice... assuming he does actually leave office.

There's been chatter that he might actually use the military to retain power, as insane and as far-fetched as that may sound.

Will he create his own cable news network and compete with Fox?

Will he do something else within the realm of entertainment?

Donald Trump in Cleveland

“I received a call from President Trump last week. We chatted about the election briefly [and] he made it clear that he wasn’t giving up on fighting for a second term,” said Eric Bolling, a Sinclair host and pal of the Trump family who appeared on Trump’s reality TV program years ago.

Added this small screen personality:

“I mentioned to him that I believe whatever happens with the legal fights, he would emerge as the biggest media personality on the planet.

"Trump has a clear opportunity to be a media mega-personality post-presidency.”

Donald Trump in the Shadows

God help us all.

But at least Donald Trump will no longer have the nuclear codes, right?

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