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Donald Trump is offiicially protesting the Presidential election.

The problem for this one-term Commander-in-Chief is that he cannot officially file any sort of protest over the Presidential election.

But that won’t stop him from ranting, raving, rambling and lying all about it on Twitter!

Donald Trump in Cleveland
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On Sunday afternoon — not long after the Supreme Court refused to even listen to the absurd lawsuit he supported that aimed to overthrow the will of the American people — Trump was at it again.

Faced with the Electoral College certifying Joe Biden’s victory over him on Monday, the country’s biggest loser whined and wailed.

He continued to insist that he was cheated out of a second term.

This, despite a lack of evidence — to be clear, any evidence — to back up such a claim and despite dozens upon dozens of (conservative!) judges shooting down his baseless legal allegations in court.

Here is how Trump opened his latest diatribe on the subject:

Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime.

Everybody knows that dead people, below age people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners,…

…..and many others voted illegally. 

Donald Trump in Milwaukee
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That’s not all, though, you guys!

Also, machine “glitches” (another word for FRAUD), ballot harvesting, non-resident voters, fake ballots, “stuffing the ballot box”, votes for pay, roughed up Republican Poll Watchers, and sometimes even more votes than people voting, took…..

….place in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere.

In all Swing State cases, there are far more votes than are necessary to win the State, and the Election itself.


Donald Trump as POTUS
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To be clear, there has not been a single proven "glitch," which we hear some dumb people think is a synonym for fraud.

There has also not been a single actual case of ballot harvesting… of non-residents voting… of there being fake ballots… of anyone stuffing the ballot box… of votes being paid for… or of a anyone roughing up any Republican Poll Watchers.

Just because someone Tweets about them doesn’t make these things true.

Somehow, far too many Republican officials don’t seem to be aware of this fact.

President Donald Trump in Texas
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It also seems worth mentioning here that writing words in capital letters doesn’t make them any more meaninful, either.

Or, in this case, any more legitimate.

Donald Trump is welcome to go outside and march around with a sign in protest of his loss.

We don’t think President Joe Biden will tear gas him for doing so next month and then walk over to a nearby church and hold a bible in the air for no logical reason in response.

We mean, what insane type of human being do such a thing?

Donald Trump at Press Conference
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But that’s the only kind of protest one can do if one is unhappy with the election results.

Just like running for President in 2024, however, this requires a bit of actual work.

It requires turning off cable news for a reason that doesn’t involve playing golf at a country club you own.

And we all know Donald Trump is incapable of doing that.

Joe Biden v. Donald Trump
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At the end of the day, Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as President and Vice President, respectively, on January 20, 2021.

They won the election fair and square — multiple times, as it turns out, thanks to Trump’s refusal to concede.

We’re long past the point of wondering who will be the next President.

We’ve tragically arrived at the point where we simply must wonder how much damage to the country this current President is doing by spreading wild conspiracy theories that only serve to placate his ego and rile up his narrow-minded base.

To quote Trump himself… how SAD.