Brittany Banks: Eff Yazan and Eff 90 Day Fiance! You Twisted My Story!

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On the Season 2 finale of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Brittany feared for Yazan's life.

A lot has changed since that was filmed, from her status with Yazan to how she feels about the show.

Brittany Banks is merely withholding the whole truth

“Now that the season is over," Brittany wrote on her Instagram Stories this week.

She continued: "I would like to say every person on The Other Way production and editing team [red heart emoji] you’re all garbage ass humans.

"Enjoy,” she concluded the post, but it was just one of several.

Brittany Banks IG - the other way production are garbage human beings

“To my exes and ex-friends I used to know," Brittany addressed in another STory.

She wrote: [red heart emoji] you’re also complete clout chasing garbage."

Brittany then expressed with contempt: "I hope the 15 [minutes] of fame was worth being disloyal.”

Brittany Banks IG - my ex and ex friends you're clout chasing garbage

“All in all, I am glad it’s over," Brittany wrote in reflection.

She wished for her fans and followers to "Enjoy the tell-all."

In a display of unrealistic optimism, she added: "Hopefully, they don’t chop it up and let y’all get the truth."

Brittany Banks IG - glad it's over, hope Tell All shows the truth

"Trust issues on level 1,000,000 [peace sign emoji]," Brittany wrote in another Story.

She then wrote "help."

Given all that she has been through, from shady editing to Yazan's lies, we can understand how she's feeling.

Brittany Banks IG - trust issues on level 1,000,000

Brittany's disdain for 90 Day Fiance's usual "fun and games" with editing footage to suit their narrative is no surprise.

She received something of a villain edit, playing into racism and misogyny as well as the xenophobia for which 90 Day Fiance is infamous.

How did Brittany, an American, end up on the receiving end of xenophobia? Because some fans thought that she was a fool for moving anywhere but America.

Brittany Banks refuses to be bullied into deleting social media

Despite concerns over Brittany's lies about her marital status at the beginning of the season, she started off being shown in a sympathetic angle.

Some more ignorant viewers did skewer her for bringing alcohol (legal) and hugging a producer (legal), which they assumed was illegal in Jordan.

Most felt for her after Yazan's outrageous verbal abuse upon picking her up from the airport.

yazan abo horira tries to silence brittany banks

Brittany should have broken up with Yazan at that exact moment. No one deserves to be treated like that, ever.

But that doesn't mean that she was responsible for what followed.

Brittany is responsible for her choices. But Yazan and his extended family were responsible for their choices, too.

Brittany Banks stunned expression

But editing made it easy for many viewers to confirm their preexisting biases -- about Jordan, about marrying a Muslim man, and about Black women.

This isn't the first time that 90 Day Fiance has catered to racism and misogyny, of course. This time, the editing was to make her seem reckless and selfish.

But Brittany's high chaos, no-holds-barred tendency to issue callouts on impulse means that she's not going to keep quiet about her gripes against those who did her dirty.

Brittany Banks fire emoji filter

If she is hoping that the Tell All special will show the whole truth ... well, we'll keep our fingers crossed.

But TLC doesn't have a good track record when it comes to the Tell Alls.

Earlier this year, Lisa Hamme was called out for calling husband Usman Umar the N-word at the Tell All, but if it hadn't leaked, fans would never have known. That doesn't bode well for Brittany.

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