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Audrey and Jeremy have released the cover of their brand new book.

But the couple didn’t exactly receive the response it was likely hoping for in response.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in 2020
Photo via Instagram

On Saturday, the former Little People, Big World cast members unveiled the cover of "Creative Love," explaining via caption just what readers can look forward to in this quasi memoir.

"This book is full of creative ideas, questions, and challenges with the hope of helping you build a fun, fulfilling and forever love," Audrey said along with the following photo.

She added: “It is not a book that’s meant to be read in one sitting.

"We’re calling it a snack book and hope it’s something that can live on your nightstand or coffee table, something that you refer back to and look and flip to certain chapters for ideas, jolts of inspiration and meaningful conversation starters."

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff previously released "A Love Letter Life."

It sold pretty well, but the parents of two were trashed pretty hard in response to the book because they came across in it like alleged love experts.

These are people who had been married for barely five years when they released their first tome, hurling out one piece of advice after another within its pages.

What the heck do you guys know about a long-term, successful relationship, many critics asked in response?

At the Doctor's

And now these same folks are asking the same basic question.

Reddit users have blasted the couple, who have been married now for six years, for writing a book about “love and marriage" despite seeming to have "no natural chemistry" with one another.

Ouch, right?!?

Other trolls labeled this sort of book as “weird,” while still others said it’s “annoying” that Jeremy and Audrey are considering themselves to be “experts” on marriage when they haven’t been husband and wife for that long.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff on Instagram

"It just blows my mind…Like they show such a phony relationship," reads one especially harsh comment, continuing as follows:

"Now if they discuss overcoming hurdles and struggles yet staying together through it all, perhaps they’d be more relatable. They have such overinflated egos."

The upcoming release of the book does come on the heels of rumors that the Roloff’s marriage isn’t exactly perfect.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Anniversary Pic
Photo via Instagram

During an Instagram Q&A this fall, one follower questioned why the pair thought they were experienced enough to write a book after having been married for only a few years.

Audrey seemed offended by the premise of this inquiry.

“Do you believe you can learn from people’s story?!” she simply asked in response.

Perhaps, yes, one can learn from the stories of others.

Photo via Instagram

But does the story of Audrey and Jeremy really warrant any lessons by which one would want to live?

We can leave that up to readers to decide, we suppose.

It seems very likely, however, that these Roloffs do not vaccinate their young children.

Sort of feels like this should disqualify them from offering up any advice, doesn’t it?