Angelina Pivarnick: Pregnant With First Child?

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Has Angeliners come down with baby fevers?

That's the question on the mind of Jersey Shore fans who are convinced that Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeira are expecting their first child.

Angelina Pivarnick Takes a Selfie

As first reported by Distractify, there seems to be a persistent rumor among Shore viewers that Pivarnick is currently expecting.

Timelines vary widely from one report to the next, with some claiming that Angelina knew she was pregnant when she arrived at the Vegas resort where the current season is being filmed.

Others claim that we'll see Angelina take a pregnancy test and learn the exciting news while she's surrounded by her roommates.

Angelina Pivarnick Season 4 Pic

If that's the case, we assume that she and Chris did some pre-departure smushing.

We're sure a paternity controversy that sparks a closer investigation of Angelina's love-hate relationship with Vinny Guadagnino would be very good for ratings.

We're just not so sure our psyches could handle it.

Angelina Instagram

Anyway, it's important to note that Angelina and Chris have not made any sort of announcement, so this is all pure speculation.

A quick Twitter search reveals that most of the conversation about Angelina being pregnant revolves around an old rumor about Pivarnick suffering a miscarriage that appears to be baseless.

It's not entirely clear why that rumor has resurfaced now, but it might have something to do with Angelina's latest Instagram posts.

Angelina In Black and White

FIrst, there's a black-and-white photo of the star with the comments turned off and a caption that says merely, "#RIP #LinkInBio".

Anyone who follows the link in her bio would see that it leads to a click bait article about stars who passed away in 2020.

But clearly a lot of people didn't bother to take that step and instead assumed the post was about Angelina suffering a miscarriage.

Angelina Is Glowing

Prior to that, Angeliners shared the photo below, along with a caption reading:

"Sparkle your life like it’s your last day on earth."

So Angelina appears to have loss on her mind a lot these days, and since she's the only one in the photos that accompany these captions, perhaps some fans assumed she had suffered a miscarriage.

Or maybe the internet did what the internet does and made up some crap about Pivarnick being pregnant just to see if it would fly.

Given that Angeliners is the only current female member of the Shore cast who's childless and she's been married to Chris Larangeira for over a year now, it's not hard to see why some people would be quick to believe such a rumor.

A more important question would be -- why would somebody bother to make it up?

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