Clare Crawley: I Can't Wait to Have ALLLLLL of Dale's Babies!!!!!!

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The secret is very much out now, isn't it?

On Thursday night's special episode of The Bachelorette, yes, Clare Crawley left the franchise, as has been predicted for months.

But first? She got engaged to Dale Moss!

The Bachelorette Gets Engaged

Permitted to finally speak freely on this romantic development, Crawley and Moss sat down on Friday for joint interview on The Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

“What I love about Dale is that nothing scares him,” Crawley gushed, perhaps breaking some more personal news right off the bat:

“I talk about babies all the time and he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s what I want.’ I’ll remind him of things all the time, you know, ‘I’m not getting any younger!’

"I’ll say things like that, and he’s like, ‘You think I don’t know this? Yeah, let’s do this.'”

Clare, Dale and Chris

It certainly sounds as if the couple is trying to get pregnant already, doesn't it?

And why not, considering how deeply in love they appear to be.

"I’ve thought a lot about my mother and what she would think about you," Moss told Crawley just prior to proposing, adding:

"She would absolutely love you. All she’s ever wanted for me is someone who loves me unconditionally and who would be there for me no matter what.

"I know that I have that. And I love you."

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss on ABC

He then popped the question:

"I want to make you happy each and every day so with that being said, Clare will you marry me?"

Claire almost immediately screamed Yes, followed by:

"Put that ring on my finger, I’ve waited a lot of years for this."

Clare Crawley Proposal

Clare and Dale seem aware that there are critics out there.

There are also folks who think the reality stars are lying and must have been in contact prior to filming because... come on... how else could they fall so hard for each other so quickly?

“As long as we’re together, for me that’s all that matters,” Moss said on Friday, alluding to these naysayers.

He added that that he’s looking forward to having “so many babies” with Crawley.

“We’re building a life. We’re building a foundation," he said.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Kiss

What makes this relationship work so well?

"I think the biggest thing is, we know that we can come to each other for anything," Moss replied.

'There’s no judgment, there’s no worry, and that’s what’s so important about having a relationship and building this. 

"And we both lean on each other for advice and perspective in some of these situations."

Dale and Clare

Another issue that can't be ignored is that Clare is white and Dale is Black.

On this topic, Crawley admitted that there are things that her fiancé experiences that she’ll never be able to understand herself.

However, she’s “thankful and so happy” for the change to learn from Moss and to gain his perspective.

Dale Moss on the Premiere

As for their kids?

"Our babies are going to be mixed and they’re going to face those kinds of things and they’re going to have those questions,” the hairdresser said.

“Hopefully we will have so much progression by the time our little babies are grown up, but it’s like, he just makes it so comfortable that we can talk about this and that it’s not an uncomfortable elephant in the room...

"It’s not a negative thing. We’re proud of who we are, what we are."

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