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Sometimes, you just need to laugh to keep from crying.


Even when you’re laughing over a boyfriend cheating on your while you’re very pregnant with his baby.

tt facetime

On Thursday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian expressed how her gratitude for how Tristan Thompson was stepping up to take care of their young daughter, True, while Kardashian had to quarantine with COVID-19.

"I’m so thankful that Tristan’s been here to help me take care of True, and then he’ll make me some food and leave it outside my door,” she said during the episode.

“Even though we’re not together, we’re just really good friends, and I’m really, really grateful for that."

This episode was filmed months ago, of course.

At this point, it’s VERY evident that Khloe and Tristan are, indeed, together.

Cooped up all by herself due to the aforementioned virus, Khloe grew a tad lonely and a bit loopy during the installment.

At one point, she revealed a character she created while quarantining: a massage pillow wearing sunglasses named Quarantina.

We’re not making this up. You can see for yourself here:

“Oh lord. If you ever need a friend to talk to, I’ll stand outside your window downstairs,” Thompson told his ex, via FaceTime, upon seeing her creation.

“You know back in the day when guys would throw rocks at girls’ windows to talk to them?

"I could always do that.

"Take it back to the early ’90s!”

Tribute to Khloe

Later, after Khloe finally tested negative and was able to actually interact with people again, she reunited with True and Tristan… and her former lover told her to put on the glasses that were placed on the pillow.

“Aw, you look like the smart girl I’m going to cheat off on the test,” Thompson joked, to which Khloe quipped iin response:

“Thank God you said, ‘On a test.’"

LOL? We guess?

Khloe and Tristan on New Year's Eve!

Khloe and Tristan, of course welcomed their daughter in April of 2018, mere days after the latter was caught out with multiple other women.

Kardashian chose to stay with her baby daddy at the time, for the sake of their child basically, but then they split a year later when he cheated again, this time kissing Kylie Jenner‘s then-best friend, Jordyn Woods.

Thompson clearly isn’t just good at grabbing rebounds in traffic as a basketball player.

He’s good at grabbing the boobs of women who aren’t his girlfriend.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween

In August, numerous insiders confirmed to Us Weekly that the two are most definitely a romantic item again.

Khloe is "hopeful that Tristan has changed for good and will continue to grow and be the great and loyal partner that he has been throughout their time together during the quarantine," this tabloid wrote over the summer.

We’ve heard that story before.

For the sake of little True, though, we hope it’s valid this time around.