Claire Spivey Engagement Ring: How Did Justin Duggar Afford This?!?

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You know what they say about young love, right?

It cannot be tamed.

The latest case in point that proves this old adage?

Claire Spivey and Justin Duggar Instagram Photo

Claire Spivey and Justin Duggar.

The 19-year old and 18-year old announced on Monday that they're engaged, with the latter proposing to the former while celebrating his birthday in Texas.

"There is nothing comparable to finding the one you are meant to spend your life with," the newly-engaged couple said in a statement to TLC, adding:

"We know we have found that in each other."

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey Engaged Pic

"We cannot wait to be married and are looking forward to a life together of faith in Christ, love for one another, and happiness!" the teenagers added, confirming this major news just two months after telling the world they were courting.

Because they're not even 20 years old... and because they've been dating for just a few weeks... and because their parents have known each other for decades... and because both families are very strict and conservative...

... many folks out there believe this to be an arranged marriage.

And now they may have some new evidence that backs up this belief.

Justin and Claire at Christmas

Along with the aforementioned announcement, Duggar and Spivey showed off the latter's engagement ring for all to see. 

Is it five carats? No.

Three carats? No.

But it's a pretty sizable rock for an 18-year old to afford, which is causing some to wonder whether Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar paid for the rock... or whether TLC even chipped in because the network plans to chronicle this engagement on the next season of Counting On.

Claire Spivey Engagement Ring

Justin -- the fourteenth child of Jim Bob and Michelle -- announced in September that he began courting Spivey after the two met in spring of 2019.

"Claire and I are excited to share that we are in a courtship,” Justin said in a video posted by TLC.

"God brought Claire in my life and I wasn’t really expecting it, but he brought her along right when I needed her."

The two are yet to kiss because Duggar rules (scroll down for more) barely their children to even touch a significant other until vows are exchanged.

Justin Duggar With Claire

But the connection between Claire and Justin apparently goes far beyond the physical realm.

"Claire has a lot of good qualities and I can sit here and tell you all of them, but there are so many good things that Is see in her," Justin continued in this cable network-sponsored footage, adding about eight weeks ago:

"I’m so blessed to have her in my life."

Justin Looks at Claire

For her part, Claire said the following back then;

"I’m really looking forward to the memories to come spent with him. I’m excited to see what the Lord holds for us in the near future."

We all know the answer to this statement, though, of course;

Kids. What's in store for Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey are many, many kids.

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