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In case you were unaware, the Internet can be a cruel and close-minded place.

Just ask Tori Roloff.

Birthday with Lilah

The Little People, Big World star celebrated daughter Lilah’s first birthday late last week, sharing a few photos of the toddler, along with an inspirational message that reads as follows:

We love you and your curiosity so much. I love that you know what you want and what you don’t want- this is going to serve you well in this world.

I love that you’re a mamas girl. It can be exhausting at times but the fact that I can make you happy is the best feeling in the world. I love how you look at your dad and your brother with so much love.

I love that you’re resilient and you’re getting good at going with the flow.

Tori Roloff, Masked Up

How sweet, right?

And how consistent with the reputation of Tori Roloff, who has always come across as truly loving and humble and, well, normal… right?


But a bunch of trolls out there never bother to put anything into context. They just go straight into attack mode when they see anything even remotely questionable on social media.

Tori Roloff, Second Born

To wit:

Over the weekend, Matt Roloff posted a few photos from Lilah’s birthday party, which apparently included both her parents and grandparents.

Wrote Matt as a caption to the picture below:

"Had some serious family fun celebrating the sweet Lilah bean’s 1st birthday.. (her mom calls her that..lo)… I think she likes the paper more then the gifts inside!"

The paper invite there features a photo of Lilah, along with the message: “You came to my birthday during a pandemic?! You must love me!”

Not the funniest joke of all-time.

But sadly relevant, you know? Given the age and pandemic in which we’re living?

It sounds as if Tori is the person who penned the quip, and it’s therefore Tori at whom some social media user venom is being directed.

Yay for Lilah!

"So what?" replied one individual on Reddit.

"If high-risk grandparents don’t come to your kid’s first birthday, which she will hardly remember, they don’t love you and her enough?!! Stupid.”

A second person added: “I can’t believe they are all so tone-deaf as to POST about it.”

And then a third:

"255,000+ dead people in the US, Tori. But by all means keep posting your witty little party favors- you’re just so funny and clever.”

Photo via Instagram

Yes, this is inarguable.

There is nothing wrong — and, really, everything right — with missing out on a loved one’s party in order to be responsible about one’s own health (along with the health of others) amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

But come on now.

Must we take everything so seriously and literally online?

Photo via Instagram

Tori has amassed well over a million Instagram followers largely because she’s viewed as anything but spoiled… or tone deaf… or close-minded… or stuck in some alternate reality.

Heck, Tori and Zach Roloff’s net worth?

It’s far more than the average American.

But this isn’t Kim Kardashian hosting her own birthday party on a private island during a pandemic, okay?

Roloffs at Farm

This was just a proud mother hostiing a small celebration for her second child.

She wrote a little joke for those in attendance… and then her father-in-law shared it on his Instagram page.

That’s all that happened herre.

Let’s not make it more than it is, alright?