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The Undoing aired its series finale on Sunday night, answering the one big question it raised throughout a suspenseful six weeks on air:

Who killed Elena Alves?

In answering this question, however, the miniseries created a brand new one on social media — which went as follows:

The Undoing

What the heck, The Undoing?!?!?

Indeed, many viewers — including many famous viewers who became hooked on the drama — were far from pleased with the outcome.

As we learned on the finale, Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant) really did bludgeon his lover to death with a hammer … after she told him that she had gotten close with his wife, Grace (Nicole Kidman), and son, Henry, (Noah Jupe).

Jonathan had been the prime suspect all season long.

The show centered on his murder trial and on his contention that he was innocent.

In the end, The Undoing was the rare mystery show without any major plot twist.

The person suspected of doing the crime actually was the one who did the crime.

One could say this was sort of a plot twist in and of itself… but anyone who believed this didn’t sign on to Twitter after the final episode aired.

To a nearly unanimous extent, a majority of The Undoing fans were seriously unimpressed with the reveal of who did it.

Wrote director Ava DuVernay:

“My theory about #TheUndoing was entirely incorrect. But no matter! ‘Twas a fun, twisty long-watch written by David E. Kelley.

"Splashy perfs by top-notch actors who got to swing for the fences. Directed expertly by Madame Susanne Bier. A good time.

"Applause for the cast and crew!"

Other celebrities were equally blown away:

“#TheUndoing I am undone,” Kerry Washington tweeted. “Thank you @MissDumezweni [Haley Fitzgerald]. You are brilliance itself.”

Added Megyn Kelly:

“Omg. It was right there under our noses the whole time. He was such a good liar! Amazing series and yet another David E. Kelley masterpiece. #TheUndoing.”

And Carly Pearce: “I. Am. Not. Okay. #TheUndoing."

And Ana Navarro: “#TheUndoing just undid me. Good night, y’all. I gotta go throw away anything in my house that looks like a hammer.”

And Kelsea Ballerini: “Me after watching the finale:  HOW DID THEY- #TheUndoing."

What did everyone out there think?

Was the Jonathan reveal shocking because you expected it to be Sylvia? Or Grace’s dad? Or essentially anyone other than the main suspect?

Or was the Jonathan reveal boring because… come on now, who wants the killer to be the person everyone on the show keeps saying is the killer?

No matter where you stand on this debate, we can all agree on one thing, hopefully:

Hugh Grant was outstanding. We’ll never be able to watch Love Actually the same way ever again.