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The Silva twins have both gotten worked up about Florian Sukaj’s side piece, but he insists that it was no big deal.

Now, Shanti herself reveals that her fling with Florian went much, much further than he ever admitted.

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Viewers of Darcey & Stacey received a brief introduction to Shanti Zohra.

She was involved in a cheating scandal with Florian Sukaj, the man who went on to marry Stacey Silva.

Florian confessed to kissing Shanti, but insisted that things went no further than that.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Shanti says that, actually, that’s not the truth, Florian.

Shanti works as a model and is based in Belgium. But obviously, not all Europeans know each other.

She reveals that she actually met Florian because she followed Darcey and Stacey on Instagram.

Shanti recalls how Florian reached out and started following her on social media, prompting her to follow back.

After nearly a year of exchanging DMs, Florian asked for her phone number. 

When Shanti’s career took her to Albania for a photo shoot, the two met up in person. Girl, no.

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“He suggested to see me to have a drink and all that stuff," Shanti describes in the interview.

She continues: "So we [saw] each other, we hung out together."

"He came over to my rented apartment," Shanti recalls. "He quickly started to kiss me and I was so shocked and surprised."

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Shanti knew perfectly well that Florian was in a relationship with Stacey.

Despite that, she agreed to see him again … but insists that it was only because Florian convinced her that he and Stacey were over.

“He made me believe that he was single and that’s why I still [had] contact with him," Shanti says.

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"That’s the only true reason," Shanti insists.

She continues: "Otherwise, I will never have contact with him because I am not a homewrecker. I [have] never been a homewrecker."

“So when I fly back the second time to Albania, we met each other again to rent an apartment," Shanti’s narrative continues.

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"So we went to dinners and I paid for him, the dinners, the food, the drinks," Shanti shares. (Girl, he is not that hot)

"And I haven’t [thought] something bad about it," she explains, "because I thought, you know, that’s what friends do."

Shanti characterizes friendship: "We pay each other, sometimes food or dinners. This is how it goes."

“But like I easily find out that he was like rich and just trying to make money," Shanti reveals.

She continues: "And like try to use money from women and to get like stuff from them.”

Then, after that second date: “He was all over me. And like, he told me, like he never met a hot woman like me."

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"He was passionate. He was kissing me," Shanti describes.

She continues: "He was like, even touching my thighs. He was like, all over me."

"Like, because he’s passionate, I’m passionate too,” Shanti explains with some embarrassment. “So yeah, we had like, sexual intercourse. Many times.”

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In November 2019, photos of Florian and Shanti first leaked online. Shanti says that they were snapped during their third meeting.

She had returned to Albania for a photoshoot. “So he came over to my [rental], he was in my bed."

"So I would just want to be clear that he came over and my hotel room and my bed and the pictures and the video that I made, that was just between me and Florian,” she notes.

“That was a funny moment that we captured together," Shanti explains. "We were laughing."

"And that’s also the reason that I believe that he was really single," she justifies. "Otherwise, he would never do that. Right?”

Oh no.