Ryan Edwards: This is BS! Donald Trump Won the Election!

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Fans around the country are concerned about Ryan Edwards.

This could be an evergreen statement and sentiment, we know.

However, those who have followed the ongoing trials and tribulations of the former Teen Mom star -- who has been arrested on numerous occasions and gone to rehab on numerous occasions -- now have a new reason to fret.

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How come?

Because Edwards seems to think Donald Trump should have won the 2020 Presidential election.

Along with a picture of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence this week, the former MTV personality wrote as a caption:

"After Trump wins 2020 bc of the bull s**t cheating that democrats Have done it will only be for 4 more years and then what do republicans do worry again that some other self-centered ignorant politician is going to win and lie to us and f**k the American people over."

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards


You can understand the cause for concern here, can't you?

First, Joe Biden won the election. This is a certifable and legal fact.

Second, what the heck is Edwards talking about with all that gobbly gook?

Ryan and Mackenzie Date Night

Continued Ryan in his post:

"Most of us as Republicans want to be their turn the other cheek or act like we didn’t hear it now a lot of us of have drawn a line in the sand and let them know if they cross it we mean business and every day they’re going to test us in every day we’re going to continue to show that’s a dumb idea."

It sounds as if Edwards is threatening violence, doesn't it?

Ryan Edwards Baby Photo

Sadly, millions of Americans out there believe the false and dangerous narrative that Trump was cheated out of a Presidential victory.

Due to Ryan's incoherence, however, along with his history of substance abuse, many observers have read the above words and wondered if they were written while Edwards was under the influence.

"Are you high? This isn't even coherent," remarked one social media user, forr example.

Based on his past, this is a fair question of Maci Bookout's ex.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie and Family

Perhaps it also explains why Ryan's wife, Mackenzie, just shared the photo above.

As you can see, it features husband and wife and many members of the Edwards family, all hanging out like normal loved ones do.

Gotta imagine Mackenzie shared it in order to try and prove that Ryan is clean, sober and of sound mind and body, right?

At least in the exact moment this photo was snapped.

Mackenzie, Ryan Edwards Pic

Edwards has been open about his drug addiction in the past on Teen Mom, and once even fell asleep on camera while driving a car.

But Mackenzie recently slammed an "disgusting" online story claiming her husband was dead. Yes, dead.

"Ok, I'm sorry, actually no I'm not sorry, but these clickbait things are absolutely disgusting," she said in response.

"The headlines they put are so disturbing and the pictures, they use pictures like me and Ryan, like, get out of here with that s**t."

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