Ryan Edwards Praises Donald Trump In Possibly Drug-Fueled Tirade

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On Saturday, several major news outlets projected that Joe Biden had defeated Donald Trump to become President-elect of the United States.

In 2019, Teen Mom 2 star Ryan Edwards got sober after years of struggling with life-threatening substance abuse issues.

Edwards, Ryan (Teen Mom)

And what the hell could these two facts possibly have to do with one another?

Well, in a normal year, they would probably remain mercifully unrelated.

But this is 2020, a never-ending hellscape in which nothing good can happen without immediately being infected by something sad, bad, or ridiculous.

Donald Trump on the Stump

And so, the paths of two of America's most ridiculous citizens crossed paths in a ridiculous way this week.

It happened when Ryan took to social media to post the kind of tirade that's usually found in federal buildings, on scraps of paper attached to letter bombs.

"After Trump wins 2020 bc of the bull s-- cheating that democrats Have done it will only be for 4 more years and then what do republicans do worry again that some other self-centered ignorant politician is going to win and lie to us and f--k the American people over......" Ryan wrote alongside a photo of President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Ryan's Rant

"NO bc if trump left right now him and his VP have showed us it can be done you can’t keep your word and you can expose the corruption and then that he’s giving us a new way of thinking and that is the most powerful thing he could have done," Edwards somewhat bafflingly continued.

"Most of us as Republicans want to be their turn the other cheek or act like we didn’t hear it now a lot of us of Have drawn a line in the sand and let them know if they cross it we mean business and every day they’re going to test us in every day we’re going to continue to show that’s a dumb idea," Ryan blathered on.

"So don’t stress out its like the old day if god is for us who could be for them."

Ryan Edwards: TMOG Reunion

So yeah -- as far as we can tell, Ryan isn't ridin' with Biden.

Other than that, it's tough to figure out what sort of point to he's trying to make.

Now, anyone who uses social media on a regular basis encounters the occasional semi-literate political rant, but Ryan's received a particularly harsh backlash for two reasons:

Ryan Edwars and Mack Standifer

1. He's not particularly well-liked by his followers -- in fact, most seem to hate him.

2. Edwards' history of drug abuse is long and legendary, and many have taken this tirade as an indication that he's relapsed.

"Are you high? This isn't even coherent," one commenter wrote.

Ryan Edwards, Jagger

"I cannot comprehend your s--t. Even, read it. Wtf are even you saying?" another wrote.

"Literally none of this made sense what are you talking about?" a third chimed in.

Some followers came right out and asserted that Ryan had relapsed.

Ry and Mack

"You're on crack again," one wrote.

"You should probably lay off the needle for a while, Ryan. You sound ridiculous and clearly cannot write," another pointed out.

"Joke is on you and every other 'Republican' who believes Trump's bull--t lie after lie. He lost and he needs to get over it, you as well. Get the help you need."

Ryan Edwards and Family

It's not hard to see how Ryan's tirade might have left fans with the impression that he's back on drugs.

But here's a comforting thought -- Ryan is dumb when he's sober, too.

So it's possible that he spewed forth such idiocy while still on the wagon.

That's depressing, but it's not as sad as the thought of Ryan being back on heroin.

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