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Mackenzie Standifer may not enjoy all the same perks and popularity as the original stars of Teen Mom OG — but she certainly has to deal with just as much judgment and drama.

Not only is Mackenzie forced to fend off criticism from viewers, she also receives zero support from the OG cast, most of whom are loyal to Ryan Edwards’ first baby mama, Maci Bookout.

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

But it seems that while Standifer has become accustomed to the lack of support from her co-stars, she draws the line at the other moms actively spreading lies about her.

If you follow any of them on social media, you’re probably aware that all of the Moms profit a great deal from sharing clickbait links to bottom-shelf gossip sites.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, the cast members usually maintain the right to refuse certain articles, but in the typical arrangement, a media company is granted direct access to the star’s Instagram page for posting purposes.

Mackenzie Posts a Selfie

That’s why you’ll often see a star — such as Jenelle Evans — arguing that they "didn’t even post that!" when they get called out for posting something flagrantly false.

They’re technically telling the truth — but the content was posted to their social media page, so they’re still responsible for it.

The Ashley reports that at the height of the clickbait era, one star was guaranteed an income of $15,000 a month.

Catelynn Lowell with Purple Hair and Cigarettes
Photo via Instagram

She also notes that Catelynn Lowell has been the most shameless offender over the years, often linking to articles with damaging claims about her own life, including one which reported that she was giving her daughter away.


So what does all of this have to do with Mackenzie Standifer?

Mackenzie Standifer Models

Well, Mack has often been the subject of clickbait stories posted by her castmates, but it seems she finally reached her breaking point this week.

In a lengthy rant posted to her Instagram Story, Standifer blasted the other Moms for their shamelessness in sharing false stories from disreputable sites.

“OK, I’m sorry. Actually, no I’m not sorry. But these clickbait things are absolutely disgusting,” she said.

Mackenzie Posts a Selfie

“It’s like The National Enquirer on freakin’ steroids! I really feel like it’s disgusting," Mackenzie continued.

"The headlines that they put are so disturbing and the pictures that they use, they use pictures of me and Ryan and, get out of here with that s–t.”

Many of the stories shared by Mack’s castmates have to do with Ryan Edwards’ stuggles with addiction.

Mackenzie Standifer Works Out
Photo via Instagram

Other equally expoitative topics have included Standifer’s weight loss.

In order to make her point, Mackenzie posted a recent example in which a photo of Ryan and Mackenzie was posted alongside the words "heartbreaking news.”

“Save your time, it’s about music legends that died,” Mackenzie wrote.

“This s–t is so f–ked up.”

As The Ashley points out, in a tremendous twist of irony, some site even turned Mackenzie’s complaints about clickbait into clickbait.

We kid you not:

Look, regardless of your personal feelings toward Mackenzie and Ryan, surely, we’ve all been drawn in by totally misleading links enough to agree with her on this one.

It’s an annoying experience under regular circumstances.

It must be doubly so when you’re the subject of the bogus article.