Mackenzie McKee Says No to Mask, Yes to Awful Husband

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Mackenzie McKee has found a way to distract critics from the fact that she's back together with her terrible husband.

How so?

By going out in a public and NOT wearing a mask.

Mackenzie McKee, No Mask

As you can see above, the long-time Teen Mom star enjoyed a night out over the weekend with the father of her three kids, Josh, and a few other friends.

Those featured in the photograph look happy, look cozy... and look as if they don't have a care in the world about COVID-19.

“No masks? Shaking my head…” someone wrote with an eye roll emoji.

Many other observers had similar reactions, considering the United States continues to set new single-day records when it comes to positive cases of coronavirus across the country.

Mackenzie McKee and Awful Husband

As of this writing, over 235,000 Americans have died from the virus -- and every knowledgable medical expert has said that wearing a mask lowers the chances of COVID spreading.

“Where’s your mask? Seriously everyone should be wearing them. My work won’t let me take mine off sense this pandemic started," said another social media user, adding:

"My family members didn’t think it was a real think and didn’t wear there’s in another state and caught covid. 

"Protect yourself and others and wear a mask. I like your but please wear a mask."

mackenzie slam

Last month, meanwhile, Mackenzie finally confirmed she was back with her husband after she shared a cute picture of the two of them out and about, snuggling and looking as if they never had any marital issues.

But boy oh boy... did they ever!

In the summer of 2019, Josh admitted to cheating on Mackenzie and Mackenzie responded by claiming she was filing for divorce.

She certainly sounded serious about it at the time.

Mackenzie McKee, Josh and Kids

Just over a year ago, however, a few months after making the divorce announcement, Josh shocked Mackenzie by leading her on a scanvenger hunt...

... that concluded with him getting down on one knee and proposing once again.

McKee said back then that Josh had found God and was a changed man.

All seemed okay between the couple, until Mackenzie then accused Josh of cheating on her with her cousin.

Mackenzie McKee: With Josh Again!

Mackenzie has since recanted this charge, although she has taken issue with Josh reaching out to her cousin behind her back.

(Josh says he was simply seeking advice from a loved one in regard to how to help his wife deal with her mother's death from cancer last December.)

What made the MTV personality accept Josh back into her life?

"The kids need their dad," Mackenzie said simply to a troll who asked this same question (in very rude fashion) a few weeks ago.

Mackenzie McKee and Her Immediate Family

Mackenzie and Josh were high school sweethearts and share quite a long and sordid and ugly history.

They also share Gannon, 8, Jaxie, 6, and Broncs, 3.

Even if Mackenzie is thinking more as a mother than a wife here, a lot of people around the Internet are attacking her for the decision.

"Who is actually surprised by this? They will never split up. Never," wrote one of these individuals.

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