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The following piece of information, in and of itself, is not breaking news:

Kody Brown is having trouble with money.

Kody Brown for Sister Wives

This has been evident for over a year now, as promos many months ago for the most recent season of Sister Wives teased the financial strain under which all the spouses were operating.

Over the summer, we documented how Kody has basically wasted almost $2 million on his properties in Arizona, some of which he rents and some of which he owns.

And one of which, in Coyote Pass, he bought a very long time ago, with plans to build a compound on.

Alas, no construction is underway.

Kody Brown Talks a Lot

Now, thanks to The Sun, we can help reveal that Kody owes $2,654.76 on his home with Robyn, and on also on the aforementioned Coyote Pass land the family has yet to build on.

According to an Arizona court, Brown missed the first half on his property tax payment due on November 2 for the $890,000 home he shares with Robyn and their five kids.

This is the home Kody purchased against Robyn’s wishes.

The Sister Wives patriarch’s youngest wife had been urging her husband to simply rent, instead of buy, because she understood the monetary constraints within which the family was living.

But Kody ignored Robyn’s wishes.

Kody Brown Interview Pic

With interest, Kody now owes $465.01 in taxes on this house.

The TLC personality, relatedly, also missed the first half of his tax payment on one of the four parcels of land he purchased to build on, making this debt $1,075.20 with interest.

The father of 18, according to The Sun, owes $1,114.55 in property taxes, including interest, for a second parcel of land

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Is this a large sum of money?

No, you wouldn’t think so.

Not for someone who anchors a long-running reality show and, presumably, makes a decent salary off of it.

However, if Kody simply had this cash lying around, you’d think he would have made the tax payments, right?

Kody and Meri Brown: Sister Wives

It only gets more daunting from here, too.

Property tax payments for Kody’s two other parcels of land, and his $520,000 home with Christine, are due May 3, 2021.

We aren’t certain what these bills will amount to, but there’s more and more evidence of late that Kody really is in a deep financial hole.

Kody Can't Handle This

The family, you may recall, had difficulty selling their four Sin City homes, which were located in a cul-de-sac, when they moved a couple years ago to Arizona.

These houses did eventually sell… for far below their asking prices.

"Financially, we’re drowning," Christine said this year on Sister Wives.

Added Kody: “Basically we’re paying four, no five mortgages with the Coyote Pass property.”

Sister Wives Promo Pic

How bad has it gotten?

Kody and Robyn applied for a home equity line of credit in the amount of $150,000 on March 20, 2020 for their home, stating in their application that the situation was fire.

All this time later?

It doesn’t look like muchh has changed.