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It has been almost exaclty one year since Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel worked out custody for their two shared children.

Now, their days of peaceful co-parenting are once again over.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, Kensie Preschool Graduation

The Sun reports that, on October 24, disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel filed for sole custody.

Though Thomas is now a father of three after knocking up another much younger woman, he and Kathryn Dennis share two children.

Kensie is now six years old. Saint is four years old.

Thomas Ravenel Snapshot

Thomas is seeking sole custody, requesting that Kathryn have only supervised visits with the children.

He alleges that Kathryn has used drugs in the presence of the kids and neglected them.

Because of this, he believes that it is no longer in their best interests to stay with their mother.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn

Thomas is now claiming in court documents that things have changed since he and his ex reached a custody agreement in 2019.

He is allegedly concerned for the "heatlh, safety, and welfare" of the children.

Thomas claims to the court that he believes that Kathryn has "relapsed and is no longer sober from illegal drugs."

Kathryn Dennis is Off the Wagon

Now, exes use things marijuana use to attack each other in court in the states where the medicinal plant is still unjustly illegal all of the time.

That is not what Thomas is talking about.

In the court documents, he alleges that Kathryn was snorting coke in the presence of her children … and that he has an eyewitness.

Kathryn Dennis and Kensie Ravenel at Preschool Graduation

“We have a witness who observed Ms. Dennis do cocaine while having custody of the children;" the documents allege.

The accusations continue: "a witness who observed Ms. Dennis leave cocaine on an open dresser within reach of the children."

The documents also accuse Kathryn of neglecting Saint.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel in 2020

According to Thomas, Kathryn’s alleged neglect has resulted in Saint running "multiple times into a busy street."

He has also supposedly snuck out of the phone multiple times, prompting at least one bystander to allegedly call the police.

Children’s brains are still developing and they lack impulse control, which is why doors must be securely locked and they require supervision by caregivers.

Kensie Ravenel and Saint Ravenel on Instagram

According to Thomas, Kathryn also gave Kensie an old phone at some point … a phone that still contained undeleted nudes of Kathryn.

“We are not sure how much of this material Kensie accessed before Mr. Ravenel was able to intervene and take the phone," the court docs claim.

Thomas’ team also claims to have video evidence of Kathryn leaving the children home alone more than once.

Kathryn Dennis on Bravo

Thomas also accuses Kathryn of keeping a "filthy" home in a way that is not suitable for children.

Kathryn is accused of not bathing her children regularly and not requiring that they brush their teeth.

Thomas also says that Kathryn routinely drops off the children late to school — of course, that last one may be pretty subjective until we know the stats behind it.

Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm

Thomas also wants to relocate Kensie and Saint to to his $1.3 million mansion in Aiken, South Carolina.

That is almost three hours from Charleston.

Kathryn has responded to this request, asking that Thomas purchase a $250,000 home in the area so that she can relocate and be close to her children.