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Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has been officially divorced for over a year, but she and Hank Baskett were dedicated to amicable co-parenting.

Now, it looks like her feelings towards her ex have gone from amicable to downright hostile.

Goodbye, Hank

Not everyone has a father in their life to honor on Father’s Day, either by tragedy or by choice.

But Kendra’s children, Hank and Alijah, have a father — Hank Baskett.

Plenty of celebrities give huge shoutouts to their exes on Father’s Day, as a nod towards their co-parent.

Instead, Kendra spent this past Sunday being sure to snub her ex-husband.

Jessica Hall with Kendra Wilkinson, Selfie

On Father’s Day, Kendra gave a shout out alright … to Jessica Hall.

“Happy birthday to my ride or die @iamjessicahall,” she praised on Instagram.

Kendra added: “love you, Jess.”

Alongside the caption, she included a series of throwback photos that chronicled their storied friendship.

Obviously, it’s not the same thing as posting something hateful towards Hank.

That is sort of the point of a snub.

But making a birthday post like that on Father’s Day without an equivalent post or any mention of her ex … that says something.

And, on top of that, Kendra threw some shade.

Kendra with Family

Interestingly, that same weekend, Kendra went out of her way to imply that the kids were not spending the weekend with Hank.

“No summer camp?” she asked, in reference to closed camps in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Looks like i gotta step up n get creative,” Kendra wrote, “Camp Mama.”

Most children are happy to entertain themselves most of the time, but that’s not the point.

Kendra Wilkinson is Happy

We’re not saying that all children of divorce spend Father’s Day weekend with their dads, but … it’s pretty standard, right?

So Kendra may be shading Hank — though we can only guess why.

That said, Kendra did not actually say that her kids had a dad-free weekend.

For all that we know, they could have had a blast.

Kendra Wilkinson, Happy Selfie

But in that same vein, we didn’t exactly see Hank hyping up his Father’s Day. Hmmm …

As we noted, Kendra and Hank have gone out of their way in the past to hype up their co-parenting bond.

Kendra even detailed that she still loved him.

But … it looks to our eyes like their dynamic has changed for the worse.

Kendra Wilkinson and Kids Make Silly Faces

That said, we do not actually know what is going down, and can only speculate.

As for Kendra’s kids, we’re sure that they’re having a great time regardless.

Hank is 10 years old now — can you believe it? In just a few more years, he’ll be a teenager.

And Alijah is 6 years old.

Kendra Wilkinson, Steamy Mirror Selfie

Kendra has been very upfront about her emotional journey during her divorce.

But everyone reaches a point at which they just want to move on.

She and Hank tried to make it work for so long.

But after his 2014 cheating scandal, it seems like their marriage never fully recovered.

Kendra, Hank, Kids

In 2018, after 9 years of marriage and months of what we can only describe as “hype,” they split up.

From there, they began the slow and painful process of divorcing.

Years of shared assets are hard to divide. And when child custody is involved, everyone’s feelings are pushed to the limit.

Maybe by next year, Kendra and Hank will be in a better place as exes and co-parents. Or maybe they won’t.