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As our sky-rocketing infection rate shows, many Americans are doing a poor job of wearing masks, social distancing, and adhering to other safety protocols that are meant to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

You might be imagining those people as unmasked WalMart shoppers, but it turns out there are some offenders among the A-list celebrity set, as well.

Kim Kardashian Six Toes
Photo via Instagram

Take, for example, the members of the Kardashian family.

Last month, Kim flew her entire family to Tahiti to celebrate her 40th birthday party.

The sisters were deservedly roasted on social media for their foolish and selfish actions, and many pointed out that they needlessly put dozens, if not hundreds, of local hospitality workers at risk.

Photo via Instagram

You would think that a lesson would be learned from such a debacle, and the members of the Kar-Jenner clan would finally realize that people are taking this deadly pandemic pretty seriously.

But amazingly, just a few days after they returned from their island getaway, Kendall Jenner threw a massive Halloween/birthday party with hundreds of guests in attendance.

The model — who turns 25 on Tuesday — instructed her guests not to post any pics or videos on social media, but because these are celebrities and it’s 2020, that didn’t happen.

Photos from the evening show Kylie Jenner, Scott Disick and The Weeknd wearing costumes — but still partying without masks.

We see Kendall blowing out the candles on a massive birthday cake that’s being held by a masked waiter.

And, perhaps most shockingly of all, we see Jaden Smith apparently dressed as a Covid patient, wearing an oxygen mask as a joke.

Photo via Getty

"Ok Kendall Jenner blowing out candles as a masked waiter holds her cake and tries to move out of the way was actually the scariest thing I saw on Halloween," one critic tweeted.

"There’s just something so inhumane about Jaden Smith wearing an oxygen mask as a costume," another added.

"Not Jaden Smith dressing up as a COVID patient for Halloween. Apart from attending that Kendall Jenner party, he’s making fun of the situation," a third chimed in.

Photo via Instagram

"My mom and my aunt are asthmatic, and they were rushed to the hospital with oxygen many times. I’m beyond disgusted."

A fourth observer noted that the Kendall and her friends have been so wealthy for so long that they seem to believe no rules apply to them,

"This Halloween/birthday party for Kendall Jenner with a sh-t ton of people, 0 social distancing and the only people wearing masks are the service workers," she wrote. "Eat the rich. I hate it here."

Kendall's Party
Photo via Instagram

Kendall — who dressed as Pamela Anderson’s character from the 1996 film Barb Wife for the event — has yet to respond to the criticism.

It seems she’s hoping it will simply blow over, and given the sort of news week we have in store, that might be a safe bet.

But you can be sure that for thousands of fans, the image of Jaden Smith mocking Covid patients at an event hosted by Kendall will not be an easy one to forget.