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If you’re a longtime Jersey Shore fan, you’re probably already aware that Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Angelina Pivarnick have never been the best of friends.

In fact, their never-ending feud has gotten physical on several occasions.

Angelina and Jenni

But these days, it seems the tensions between the cast mates are running higher than ever — and it’s all because of some drama that played out over a year ago.

Yes, as you may recall, Angelina’s wedding was "ruined" (her word) when Jenni, Snooki, and Deena Nicole Cortese relentlessly dragged her during their bridesmaids’ toast.

In fairness, Angelina had asked to be roasted, and the best man’s toast wasn’t much kinder.

Angelina Pivarnick as a Bride

But the content of the speech was revealed before the full context, and the bridesmaids endured brutal backlash from Shore fans.

The situation got so bad that Snooki retired from Jersey Shore in large part due to the harassment she endured from viewers.

On the new season of Shore, the rest of the cast is trying to arrange a meet-up between Jenni and Angelina.

Jersey Shore Bridesmaids

Meanwhile, in the real world, promotional interviews for Shore are bringing Jenni and Angelina face-to-face (remotely, of course), and the results are predictably explosive.

“To be a bridesmaid in that position was already going to be very awkward because we don’t have a loving 10-, 12-, 15- year relationship,” Jenni said during a recent interview on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM show, as reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“We have a very raunchy, weird, period s–tting type of relationship, so to be true to our conversations on a daily basis, that’s how I truly felt we were supposed to be."

JWoww and Deena Roast Angelina
Photo via MTV

Farley went on to insist that she apologized “immediately after the wedding" and was so upset following the speech that she ended up “hysterically crying” at the table. 

“The president of MTV and the president of our production company had to sit down, I was hyperventilating,” Jenni said.

“[Angelina] saw it all and she chose to turn a blind eye and that’s fine, it was her wedding day. We just wanted her to enjoy her moment, but for it to go the way that it did, for like, 6 to 9 months after and how many things were affected," Farley continued.

Photo via MTV

"My best friend isn’t on the show because of it and that still hurts to this day.”

Angelina refused to accept any blame for Snooki’s departure, insisting that Shore’s most famous cast member was planning on quitting long before the wedding incident transpired.

"She always had one foot basically out the door anyway,” Angelina said.

Photo via Instagram

“I don’t know, she always, I just feel like her one foot was out the door and that’s just the truth, but if she wants to blame this all on me, then she can do that. That’s fine.” 

Detailing the extent of the abuse from angry Angelina fans, JWoww revealed that several of Pivarnick’s supporters flooded Snooki’s retail locations with fake reviews and falsely claimed the stores were infested with cockroaches.

"Her birthday last year, she had to call an exterminator because fans of Angelina’s were calling and saying that she had cockroaches, so her birthday was spent on the phone with the town hall making sure that her store wasn’t going to be shut down because she was getting hundreds of Google reviews and police calls saying that her store was infested."

A Snooki Selfie

Angelina argued that she “can’t stop fans from coming at people," which earned an irate response from Jenni.

"If you didn’t post or sell the audio, none of this would have happened,” Farley shot back.

"If you would’ve let it play out for the TV to see nine months later, none of this would have happened, but because you chose to feed into it and say that you needed a wedding redo,” Jenni continued.

“You pre-ejaculated all over this s–t is what you did and then it backfired and you got upset because it backfired because the fans truly got to see that there was no ill will, that there was no bad intention and we truly were just trying to be funny … .” 

While it’s true that seeing the speech in the context of the episode earned some support for Jenni and company, Shore fans are still split as to who was in the wrong here.

We guess we’ll see what happens when the two rivals finally come face-to-face this season.

Here’s hoping Angelina has been brushing up on her self-defense tactics!