Joy-Anna Duggar FIRED: We Don't Want Bigots Endorsing Our Brand!

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As much as some fans might hope to see Joy-Anna Duggar rebel, she remains thoroughly embedded in the Duggar world.

Her family's bigoted "values" have just cost her a sweet advertising gig. Joy has been fired.

Joy-Anna Duggar IG endorsing DIME

Joy-Anna Duggar has promoted the sustainable beauty product brand DIME in the past on social media.

While, like her siblings, all of her income from reality TV went to Jim Bob, this was one way that she could profit from her TV fame.

Joy has lots of followers. A lot of advertising these days comes in the form of endorsements just like hers on Instagram.

Joy-Anna Duggar DIME list

However, DIME has now fired Joy-Anna.

Recently, fans have campaigned to bring Joy and her family's activities, beliefs, and "values" to the attention of DIME.

And it looks like it has worked.

Joy-Anna Duggar in Pants

A reported DM exchanged between a concerned fan and DIME shows that Joy is no longer affiliated with the brand.

Joy-Anna, her husband Austin Forsyth, and her parents and most of her siblings embody a lot of toxic and hateful values.

DIME responded to the DM to confirm that they do not see eye-to-eye with Joy-Anna in these areas.

DIME DMs with fan about Joy-Anna Duggar

DIME then confirmed to The Sun that they had fired Joy-Anna, though they offered more detail on the decision.

"We didn't end or partnership with them because of their beliefs," DIME clarified.

"We stand by that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions," they affirmed.

The Forsyth Family at Church

"But we were notified by many individuals that they had been accused of racism," DIME noted.

The statement continued: "Which we don't want to associate our brand with in any form as we don't stand by that."

Racism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry are not values or simple "beliefs," even if one's faith is used to defend them.

Duggars Love Trump

The Duggars made it loud and clear that they were voting for Donald Trump this election.

While they were on the losing side of the election and the wrong side of history, that was not their only political involvement this year.

One of the Duggars was running for office: Jed.

Jed Voted

Joy's brother, despite no qualifications or any real education or life experience, wanted to become part of the Arkansas legislature.

Fortunately, Jed got absolutely crushed by his opponent, a hardworking public servant who is a mom, a former teacher, and a PhD holder.

But having atrocious taste in losing politicians is not the primary source of distress among fans who were warning DIME.

Joy-Anna Duggar with the Cradle

The Duggar family does not accept members of the LGBTQ+ community and actively opposes their rights.

Joy-Anna and Austin have recently signed up for the ultra-conservative social media platform, "Parler."

Sometimes nicknamed as "nazi twitter," the platform is a haven for white supremacists and others whose bigotry and hate speech has seen them banned from mainstream platforms.

Jinger Duggar DIME list

On Parler, it looks like Joy and Austin have "liked" (more of an upvote, but literally who cares how nazi twitter operates) a post about the election.

Specifically, they appear to have endorsed unhinged and widely debunked conspiracy theories about "election fraud" in the 2020 election.

You know what's weird, though? DIME still has an apparent endorsement relationship with Jinger. We wonder how long that will last.

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