Jacob Roloff to Family Members: You're White! You're Privileged! Do Better!

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Jacob Roloff has never had a problem calling out his own relatives.

In the summer of 2016, the 23-year old quit Little People, Big World, saying in the process that he didn't even recognize his family members while filming because they were acting so fake.

Fast forward four years... and Jacob is at it once again.

Jacob Roloff and Some Family

As previously detailed, Jacob tore into Audrey Roloff a few days ago.

He didn't cite his sister-in-law by name, but he did do the following:

First, he shared a photo from a Black Lives Matter protest in Oregon, writing along with it on Instagram:

"Keep marching, keep confronting, keep talking, keep educating… For a better world NOW."

bend protest

Jacob and his wife, Isabel, have always been outspoken about the causes they support.

In this case, they took action by attending the aforementioned protest (one of an endless number that broke out in response too the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer) -- and then Jacob slammed Audrey for her lack of any real action.

On June 2, Audrey did recognize Blackout Tuesday, sharing a liturgy and telling followers:

"If you are also struggling to figure what God requires of you in this moment, remember the words from Micah 6:8. DO justice. Love kindness. And walk HUMBLY with your God."

Look at the Roloffs!

Sounds nice and kind of inspiring and all, right?

But we aren't gonna solve the issues of police brutality and racial inequality through prayer. Or through mere kindness.

Without directly addressing Audrey, Jacob therefore shared the following meme/image over this past weekend.

not activisim

It reads:

White people with moneyed cameras and moneyed families using black music, black message, black faces, to spread police propaganda and white Christian voices while contributing nothing to the movement, no call to donation, no call to action; only empty gestures and fancy platitudes.

It appears rather clear that Jacob was trashing Audrey here for mere "empty gestures and fancy platitudes."

And just in case there was any doubt about that, Jacob then went ahead and specifically pressured his loved ones to do more for this movement with their platforms.

Jacob and Wife and Mom

Earlier this month, Jacob shared a list of organizations to which one can/should donate if one believes that Black Lives Matter.

She did more than list the organizations, though. She flat-out called on other Roloffs to assist with them.

"Tagging my family (those with great followings) because they have majority white audiences who desperately require a call to solidarity with these protesters and dissenters," wrote Jacob to conclude his caption to the following image.


Later in the same post, Jacob shared questions one should ask oneself these days, along with actions one can take (below0.

For record, meanwhile:

Neither Matt nor Jeremy nor Zach have really said anything about the ongoing civil unrest around America.

As mentioned above, Audrey offered up some prayers and quoted the bible.

action items

Amy took a few days and garnered some backlash for her silence, but then posted a lengthy message in which she said her heart was broken and that she felt "scared" and "lost" and "hopless" over the state of the country.

She also published photos from various protests in order to prove her support for them.

"I don’t like being judged or have people afraid of me or think less than," she concluded in this post.

"I can only imagine 100 times more what black individuals face everyday. I’ll keep praying, keep loving like Jesus loves, the faith and hope. Don’t lose hope."

Dinner with Amy

Tori, similarly, made a promise to "teach my babies to love your babies" and added:

"Having the platform I do I feel like it’s my responsibility to be a good role model to others, and that is sometimes really scary. But I am here to say I’m trying. Im listening...

"I want to be here to bring light into the world. I am here to pray for you. To love you. I am here to support you.

"I vow to teach my kids how to love the world and everything in it just like God did. My kids are different and I vow to teach them the world is not against them."

Tori and Zach Roloff and Children

Tori and Amy both have over one million Instagram followers, while Jacob has less than half this many.

Hence why he's urging his loved ones to do a lot more and say a lot more during these trying and important times.

"This is surely a moment in American history; between racism and anti-racism; fall to fascism or anti-fascism; despotic regime or active democracy," Jacob wrote along with his family call-out, concluding:

Even at the defeat of trump we will have the structural work to do, for Trump is a mere symptom, however terrible, that the system did carry on feathers and silver platter to where he is and remains.

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