Jenelle Evans: Please Pray for My Sick Son!

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Jenelle Evans has opened up about her son's medical diagnosis.

Two days after sharing a photo of six-year old Kaiser in the hospital -- along with the simple and scary words "Pray for Bubba" -- the former Teen Mom 2 star has revealed exactly why this child needs your prayers.

Jenelle Evans and Kaiser in Hospital

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Evans wrote the following:

Please keep Bubba in your thoughts and prayers!

He has an infected abscess in his groin that is infecting his lymph nodes. He’s been on multiple medications and hopefully this next antibiotic works.

In the accompanying snap shot, Evans is wearing a face mask (due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic) and posing with the toddler, who can be is smiling as he enjoys an orange popsicle.

Kaiser In the Hospital

Evans also included the hashtags #GetWellSoon #PrayersPlease, while replying to some remarks in the Comments section.

"Kaiser's been to the doctor for a month now," she wrote, explaining in further detail later on:

"This is the reason why he's already on his 3rd antibiotic.

"This is the first time I’m mentioning it to all of you.. but this problem has been watched for a while now."

Jenelle Evans and Trio of Kids

Jenelle's' unfortunate update comes weeks after news that she and Kaiser's father, ex Nathan Griffith, had reached a resolution in their long-fought and often-ugly custody battle.

According to TMZ sources, Griffith will get to care for his son every other weekend as a result of this agreement.

Griffith's mother will be also allowed to babysit while the boy is visiting his dad... and Kaiser will stay with his grandmother every fifth weekend.

The exes reportedly worked out a holiday schedule as well, which includes alternating Thanksgiving and splitting Christmas custody.

Jenelle and Kaiser 2020

The above resolution (hopefully) puts to an end what had been a contentions and extraordinarily personal battle between not just Jenelle and Nathan...

... but Nathan and Jenelle's violent husband, David Eason, too.

On multiple occasions, Griffith has alleged abuse against Eason, claiming as recently as this past June that Eason has beaten Kaiser.

Just under a month ago, however, Nathan told Instagram Live followers that he was cool with Easoon.

David Eason and Kaiser doing football

“David is a lot more aggressive than me,” Nathan said told viewers at the time, adding

“But some of his thoughts and philosophies actually run hand-in-hand with mine. I just think David has a problem representing himself professionally."

That's one way of putting it, we guess.

Another way of putting it is that Eason is a bigot and a maniac.

Jenelle and Kaiser, Together Again

Continued Nathan in this unexpected message:

"Some of [David's] philosophies and the way he thinks is not totally wrong...

"I know Jenelle as an individual, and I know sometimes she can piss people off. But at the same time, I know David has the same flare as Jenelle and I know he can piss people off.

"As individuals, we need to be more tactful in how we handle situations."

Nathan Griffith Has Something to Say

Griffith went on to say that he and Eason have bonded a bit while picking up their kids at school.

"David’s actually being really freaking cool and I give him props for it. Whether something switched with him or not, he’s been really freaking cool with me," the troubled dad told folks, concluded with these actual words:

“My son said he hasn’t been whipped by David for the last three months!

"He said David doesn’t even whip him anymore!"

Jenelle Evans Weight Loss Photo

In addition to Kaiser, Evans is mom to 11-year-old son Jace (with ex Andrew Lewis) and 3-year-old daughter Ensley (with Eason).

Say whatever you want about Jenelle as a part.

But let's not lose sight of what's at stake right at this very moment:

A six-year old is sick and we should all hope he gets better soon.

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