Jenelle Evans: I Don't Care That My Husband is a Deadbeat! I Bring in the Bucks!

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As we sadly learned just over two years ago, Jenelle Evans doesn't care that her husband is a wife-beater.

The former Teen Mom star recanted the story she, herself, told a 911 operator in October 2018 about how Eason broke her collarbone... eventually alleging some nonsense about how she actually fell into a hole at the time.

It's all very tragic, really.

Jenelle Evans on Instagram Live

But we do have a more current and relevant point here:

If Jenelle is willing to shrug off Eason brutally beating her up... of course she's also willing to shrug off Eason's lack of a steady income stream.

We bring this up because the subject was just brought up on social media.

David Eason Gets Serious

Earlier this week, Evans felt a need to respond to a follower who erroneously wrote the following:

"A man is supposed to be a PROVIDER Idc what this generation think."

To be clear, this is an outdated, sexist and, to be honest, dangerous line of thinking.

Toxic masculinity is a legitimate problem in the United States, as way too many men have the wrong idea about what it means to be supposedly tough or manly.

jenelle says stuff

The thing is, Eason most definitely falls into the category of people who think this misguided way, which may be why Evans jumped in to kind of defend her man and her marriage.

"Not when you are an influencer and make more," Evans fired back at the person who insulted Eason's manhood, adding:

"I don't mind at all, as long as he helps me with the family and he does so much it's insane."

This is true, we suppose. Eason shoots and kills any dog that gets too close to his kids.

Jenelle Evans Weight Loss Photo

Some folks out there may laugh over Evans labeling herself an "influencer," but she has close to three million followers.

We don't know how much she makes or anything, but you can rake in a lot of money by posting advertisements and/or promoting various products when you have that many online supporters.

It may be sad.

But it's true.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

Eason, of course, was fired by MTV in 2018 after he made one too many homophobic remarks.

Evans was then fired by MTV after the aforementioned dog-killing incident... which prompted a Child Protective Services investigation and which resulted in Jenelle's kids being taken away from her for about a month.

After getting the boot, Evans launched a makeup business -- but later abandoned the JE Cosmetics trademark following a series of controversies.

A multitude beauty bloggers accused her back then of "disgusting" kits that were contaminated with fungus, something Evans strongly denied.

Jenelle on the Weed Farm

Jenelle has since claimed she's still ready to build a makeup company of some kind, although the details remain pretty darrn scarce.

Eason, for his part, doesn't seem close to finding a real job.

He's content to just continually murder animals, as David earned backlash in September for posting a troubling video on Instagram showing him eating the family's pet goat, Elvis.

He even went as far as to show off the goat’s severed head in the garbage.

Real stand-up guy, this David Eason.

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