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On Tuesday night’s edition of The Bachelorette, viewers finally got to meet Tayshia Adams.

But that didn’t mean they were done with Clare Crawley.

Clare and Dale

As a break from Tayshia hanging out with her very excited suitors, ABC cut away to an interview at one point with Crawley and Dale Moss, the man who stunned viewers just a few days earlier by proposing to Clare on air.

Non-Spoiler Alert:

She said yes.

Clare subsequently left The Bachelorette and has since made it clear that she’s quite happy with Dale and her decision.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Bachelorette Pic

She did the same when speaking to Harrison about her fiance.

"Everything he was looking for was everything I was looking for,” the 39-year old explained.

“He doesn’t even realize he does this for me, but last night, I was having the worst anxiety ever, and you showed up when I was pacing around the pool with anxiety.

"He just grabbed my hand and paced with me around the pool."

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley on a Date

Simple, yes.

But not every romantic gesture has to be some kind of show-stopper.

"That’s all I’ve ever wanted is a man to show up for me — not only when it’s easy, not only when it’s good and fun and pretty in ball gowns and all that," said Crawley.

"But, like, show up when I’m in my yoga pants and no makeup, and my hair’s in a greasy knot. Like, show up for me.

"He’s done that every single time."

The thing is, Moss and Crawley knew each other for mere weeks prior to getting engaged.

Clare swore once again on her dad’s grave, while talking to Harrison, that this was the case.

She denied rumors that the reality stars had been in contact prior to filming.

The VERY short period of time during which Clare and Dale got to know each other has caused some to call BS on this romance. How can you know you’re in love after just several days?!?

The Bachelorette Gets Engaged

Crawley is well aware of the nay-sayers out there, as she explained to Harrison… while holding back tears:

“I think I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt me because here is something that I finally found that makes me so incredibly happy, like, to my core.

"To finally feel this type of love that I have been craving and wanting, I just wish people could be happy for us.”

We totally get it.

And we’ll find out soon enough whether or not Clare and Dale are legitmate soulmates.

We’ll find out whether they walk down the aisle and whether or not they make another one of Clare’s dreams come true.

"Babies are definitely on the agenda!" Crawley told People Magazine in an interview this week.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC — but this week likely marked the last time we’ll see Crawley and Moss on it.