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Larsa Pippen is burning her bridges, throwing the Kardashians under the bus after Kanye West ousted her.

Jordyn Woods has been in her shoes … but finds it very interesting that Larsa sounded so different when it was Jordyn getting exiled.

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Imagine that you changed your whole face to look like your friend’s, your bestie’s, as she rose to fame.

Now imagine that you’re suddenly the enemy of her and her entire family.

That’s Larsa’s situation right now, and knowing that there’s no getting through to the Kardashians once they start circling the wagons, she’s talking about it.

Larsa Pippen and Kim Kardashian Throwback
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Jordyn Woods is taking note.

First, she publicly "liked" a tweet that reacted to Larsa’s bombshell interview this week.

See, Larsa says that before any of the Kardashians ever met Tristan Thompson, that she had been dating him.

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Yes, Khloe’s one and only baby daddy is apparently Larsa’s ex.

She confirmed that she and Tristan never hooked up after he got with Khloe, however.

The tweet that Jordyn liked read: "So she was projecting her own guilt onto young ass Jordyn. Got it."

Jordyn Woods Stuns in Cerulean

Okay, so remember Jordyn’s famous and very well-received Red Table Talk appearance.

It was basically Jada Pinkett Smith going "I am not going to let the Kardashians steamroll this child because Khloe has bad taste in men," if not in so many words.

At that time, Larsa — still in with the Kardashians — shaded Jordyn, writing: "Hope it’s the same she told @khloekardashian when she checked her."

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Larsa didn’t stop there, either.

"There were other situations where [Tristan and Jordyn] were in the same room together," she later said.

Larsa continued: "And it was like, a weird feeling."

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Jordyn also liked tweets about her from after Larsa’s interview dropped.

"I hope Jordyn Woods is having a good day," one reads.

Another liked tweet says: "Jordyn Woods is like the definition of making the best out of a bad situation."

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Jordyn did not directly refer to Larsa Pippen or the interview in any tweets of her own.

She did, however, post the mother of all subtweets.

Jordyn simply wrote: "Make it make sense." It was up to the rest of us to naturally conclude the subject on her mind.

Jordyn Woods Photo
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Larsa shot down the rumors that she had hooked up with Tristan after he got with Khloe, and said that fans just made assumptions "ever since the Jordyn thing."

Interesting that she is still referring to "the Jordyn thing" instead of these accusations making her question whether anything ever happened with Jordyn.

And some of her lines sound outright tone deaf.

Jordyn Woods on Insta
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"At the same time, for me, I’m going to hold my man accountable way more, the guy that I sleep next to," Larsa said.

She continued: "the guy that I trust more than anything I’m going to hold more accountable than just a friend who’s drunk one time,"

As for Jordyn’s role in Tristan’s cheating scandal, she said: "It wasn’t about her, she wasn’t the first and she wasn’t going to be the last at that time. People were really hard on her."