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Brittany Banks has been posting and deleting strong hints that she dumped Yazan and is now single.

Now, she’s making it clear that not only is she not with Yazan, she’s back home in Florida.

Brittany Banks has a lot of stirred up emotions/second thoughts

Brittany’s family’s dog, Max, has shown up on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

He’s a sweet, precious dog who clearly missed Brittany and hated that she was away.

Well, Max is no longer unhappy, and you can see why:

Brittany shared a video to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday.

The rest of us may be on the edges of our seats waiting to find out the fate of this election and also the world, but Max is blissfully content.

He is resting his adorably doggy head on Brittany as she soothingly pets him. You can watch that full video here:

Quite the balm for the restless soul, right?

It also defies belief that Brittany would be posting in November 2020 a video of her dad’s dog somehow with her in Jordan.

The only reasonable conclusion to draw is that Brittany is at home in Florida where her father lives.

Brittany Banks hugs dad Gregory goodbye

This sweet video with Max seems like a more innocuous way of letting fans know what’s going on.

Because Brittany’s previous "hints" have been … pretty blunt.

She recently told followers that she was divorced, a comment that was followed by her deleting all of her comments.

She also revealed in that same now-deleted comment that Yazan had known the truth about her divorce situation the whole time.

They only kept it a secret so that his family would not be upset.

Clearly, Brittany has different priorities than appeasing Yazan’s super-conservative relatives these days.

Brittany Banks packs her bags for Jordan

Fans are falling over themselves with relief that Brittany appears to no longer be with Yazan.

It’s not that no one likes these two stars or wants them to be happy.

It’s just that together, the two seemed to be a very toxic couple.

Yazan Abo Horira texts Brittany Banks - I made an accident for you

Some of that toxicity is purely Yazan’s doing.

From day one, he played both sides against the middle.

He told his family that Brittany was willing to convert to Islam. He told Brittany that she could continue living her life as his wife.

Yazan Abo Horira texts Brittany Banks - car accident pics

While many Muslim women have no issue living their lives as Brittany does, Yazan’s family sees things differently.

They have tried to ruin Yazan’s life, even threatening him with violence over his relationship with Brittany.

But there are some parts of this couple’s problems that stem from both of them.

Yazan Abo Horira accusatory voice message for Brittany Banks

They way that they fight and argue is, quite frankly, unacceptable. It should be a dealbreaker from any couple, 90 Day Fiance or otherwise.

The way that Yazan spoke to Brittany, blowing up over a bottle of tequila and a hug, should have been the end of their relationship then and there.

And quite frankly, they both blow up at each other, in person and over text, in a way that is not healthy for any human beings — especially two who claim to love each other.