Ariela Weinberg Flaunts Post-Baby Body: I Lost 50 Pounds!!

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has shown Ariela Weinberg feeling frightened and alone, as a pregnant woman and then as a new mom.

Now, she is sharing that things are looking up ... and revealing some impressive post-baby weight loss.

Ariela Weinberg Lives Her Tie Dye Dreams

Giving birth is no easy feat. Giving birth via emergency C Section before your expected due date is harder.

And, as we have all seen, other things have been very difficult for Ariela during her journey.

Ariela was asked how she was doing by a fan. Here is her response.

Ariela Weinberg IG - lost 50 pounds since giving birth

"I am doing good," Ariela assures the fan on her Instagram Story this week.

She then reveals: "I lost about 50 lbs since the day I gave birth."

Fifty is a lot of pounds, especially for a woman as tiny as Ariela.

Ariela Weinberg Plays with Baby Aviel

She has also shared this image of herself with her baby boy, Aviel Biniyam Shibre.

Baby Avi looks so happy and healthy and adorable.

But that is not all that fans have observed as they poured over this photo.

Fred Weinberg and Janice Weinberg Meet Baby Avi

Based upon things like the size of the room and the architectural style, people believe that Ariela may be back in the US.

She has also noted that she has a P.O. Box where people can send her things. The address is in New Jersey.

Additionally, Ariela revealed that Avi has legal residence in Ethiopia, but that he is a US Citizen ... because Ethiopia does not allow for dual citizenship.

Ariela Weinberg is feeling insecure

Naturally, some fans have been itching to know how Ariela managed to shed those pounds.

"Weight training helps a lot," Ariela revealed to fans in a Q&A on Instagram.

She added: "I don’t eat much late at night."

Ariela Weinberg alarmed by lack of empathy, wants compromise

The fact of the matter is that, obviously, what works for Ariela wouldn't necessarily work for everyone.

Different bodies work in different ways, and no amount of exercise or food will work the exact same way for the same two people.

We are pleased for Ariela that she has her body looking more like she wants it to. It's her flesh prison, and she can set whichever goals for it that she likes.

Biniyam Shibre has an unreliable paycheck

Ariela is a controversial 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star this season, second only to Brittany Banks and Deavan Clegg.

There are a lot of individual complaints that fans have about her: some of them reasonable, others considerably less so.

Ultimately, the critiques of Ariela and her choices come down to the way that she and Biniyam seemed totally unprepared for any part of this, from having a baby to even being in a relationship.

Ariela Weinberg rests with the baby

They did not talk enough about the religious path for baby Aviel, and are now clashing about his upbringing, the idea of a baptism, and more.

Ariela and Biniyam also had real conflict over Avi's circumcision, with Biniyam and various relatives pushing against Ariela's desire to keep her son's genitals unmarred.

She noted that there are extremely valid human rights concerns about mutilating an infant's genitals for cosmetic reasons ... but bizarrely decided to go for it anyway a week later.

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