Anfisa Nava Splits From Boyfriend She Dated While Jorge Was in Prison

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While Jorge Nava was serving his time in prison, his wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava found herself a boyfriend and went on with her life.

That romance has come to an end, however.

Anfisa Nava and Leo Assaf

In February, Anfisa's new man confirmed their relationship.

Leo Assaf shared a photo of himself with Anfisa.

Their romance continued for some time, apparently even after Jorge was released from prison in early May.

Now, however, their romance has come to an end.

Anfisa Nava Poses Before NPC Competition

Leo is known by the 90 Day Fiance fans who follow him for his pop culture memes.

But one commenter who offered him praise for that also came armed with a question.

"Love your memes," a comment begins. "On a different note, are you in touch with Anfisa?"

Wow. That's quite a question.

Leo Assaf IG comment split with Anfisa Nava

"Thank you!" Leo replies. "Not anymore."

"However," he notes, "I cared about that woman a lot."

Leo continued: "And wish her nothing but happiness."

Subsequent questions make it clear that this was not his initial reaction.

Anfisa Nava Shares a Life Update

"I keep hearing rumors about her finding someone else," the commenter admits in response.

"That rumor, I actually assumed [to be true]," Leo confesses.

"And," he adds, "I apologize for [assuming that it was true]."

Leo comments: "I will definitely not have someone for a while though."

Anfisa Nava Gets "Conceited" for a Moment

So what broke them up?

It has been reported that Anfisa was pissed at Leo for (allegedly) sliding into the DMs of other women.

Sometimes, men who date public figures are inundated with unprecedented and behave foolishly.

That does not mean that Leo did this, however, or that this broke them up.

Anfisa Nava Selfie With Cat

Reportedly, Anfisa was also irritated that she felt like Leo's second choice.

Apparently, he had been interested in another woman before they got together.

No one wants to feel like a consolation.

That said, neither Anfisa nor Leo have confirmed these rumors.

Anfisa Nava Displays Bodybuilding Abs

Anfisa, as you can see from her rock hard abs in this photo, has been hard at work over the past couple of years.

Part of that work has simply been continuing with school as a full time student.

But she has also been putting herself on a strict diet and an even stricter exercise routine.

Why? So that, last summer, she could accomplish this: 

Anfisa Nava Wears the Crown

Anfisa entered her very first bodybuilding contest in 2019.

Specifically, she competed in the bikini portion.

Anfisa's exercise in self-discipline and literal exercise paid off.

She won!! Judges and her fans alike were clearly blown away.

Anfisa Nava Flexes

But Anfisa's daunting muscles aside, her accomplishments as a student are probably more impressive.

Being a full time student at the same time as anything can be tricky.

She is also continuing to use social media to keep her fans reasonably updated on her life.

She is always quick to remind them that she is the one who decides what to share -- they do not get to demand anything from her.

Anfisa Nava, New Home Mirror Selfie

Meanwhile, Jorge is still getting his sea legs back after spending more than a year and a half in prison.

Freedom means picking up the pieces of his old life and trying to move forward.

Jorge also underwent a dramatic body transformation while behind bars.

His massive weight loss has garnered him a tremendous amount of attention from fans and even fellow 90 Day Fiance stars.

Jorge Nava Was Released from Prison

Jorge is interested in getting back into his former job, assuming that his criminal record does not interfere with that.

He makes his living growing marijuana in California.

Naturally, he is also divorcing Anfisa, and he shared while still in prison that this was one of his first priorities upon regaining his freedom.

Divorces can be a lengthy, painful process -- but fortunately, you don't need a finalized divorce to move on.

Jorge Nava IG new girlfriend teasers

Jorge has landed himself a new girlfriend, though she remains a mystery woman.

Now, some are going to ask if Anfisa's newly single status means that she and Jorge are going to try to reconcile.

While it is always possible, we don't necessarily think that this will be the case. Jorge seems very happy with the idea of moving on.

And besides, they both said some very hurtful things about each other that they can never take back.

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