Caryn Chandler to Matt Roloff: Build Me a Dream Home!

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As Little People, Big World fans know quite well, Matt Roloff spent the majority of this past season fighting with his ex-wife.

They did verbal battle over the future of the family farm, following Amy selling a portion of it to Matt.

Caryn with Matt

By the end of the season, Amy had moved off the property that she called home for three decades -- but it's clear now this doesn't mean Matt can just sit back and relax.

He appears to have another housing problem on his hands.

As it relates to the farm.

And the new lady in his life.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff Get Blunt

Caryn Chandler isn't new, of course.

She's been dating Matt for years.

As a resuly, however, she sees herself as her own woman and this relationship as its own relationship... and she has no interest in following in Amy's footsteps.

This is a long-winded way of saying Caryn doesn't want to move in to the house Amy used to occupy.

Matt, Jackson and Caryn

The Sun has revealed that Chandler recently put her three-bedroom, two-bath property in Beaverton, Oregon on the market for $349,500.

The thing is... she then purchased another house shortly afterward, surprising folks who assumed she would just move right in with Matt on the farm.

"Caryn and Matt have been through a lot since his divorce from Amy," an insider tells The Sun.

"She would love to live on the farm but has made it clear she does not want to live in Amy's old house and wants Matt to finish their dream home."

Wedding Invite Talk

Matt and Amy shared a large residence on the farm for most of their marriage, which ended in 2015.

Matt then moved to another spot on the same property, while Amy stayed put... until just a few months ago.

"Caryn wants a fresh start and doesn't want to fill Amy's shoes by being in the house they shared together," this same source says, adding:

"She has recently moved into another small house and is happy where she is for now, but hopes they can live together on the farm in the future."

Caryn and Matt Promo Pic

Along these lines, Matt has talked in the past about building a dream home on the farm.

Might he be doing so with Caryn in mind?

Wrote the father of four months ago, after sharing a photo of this potential home;

"After a very productive 3 weeks back at the farm... logs are prepped for new cabin, lawns all fertilized and mowed, new employees hired and trained for summer season, goats and sheep groomed and happy, big house cleaned and painted, birthdays celebrated, grandkids played with... fields plowed.

"New house designed with permits submitted. Farm is under control. New Covid cleaning procedures in place."

Caryn and Matt in Arizona

This whole report shouldn't come as a surprise, of course.

Amy believes that Matt cheated on her with Caryn and, while everyone involved gets along well enough, there's evident tension.

And, heck, Chandler herself has said on Littlee People, Big World that she has no interest in living in Amy and Matt's old home.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler in Arizona

On the Little People, Big World season premiere in March, Caryn told the cameras straight up:

“I would never live in the big house. Ever. Put a pin in that."

Matt  laughed nervously at the comment, but Chandler rolled her eyes.

She was most definitely not kidding.

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