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Well, we suppose this is proof of the old adage — once a villainous douche bag, always a villainous douche bag.

You might remember Luke Parker from Hannah Brown’s disastrous season of The Bachelorette.

Luke Parker Tells All

Obviously, Peter Weber’s ensuing season of The Bachelor wasn’t much better.

We guess that means the pressure is really on for Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams to deliver the goods in their season, which premieres tonigh (excuse us as we attempt to suppress our giddy squeals of excitement).

Anyway, part of the reason Hannah’s season failed to satisfy was her highly questionable taste in men, as embodied by Mr. Parker.

Meeting Luke

Luke literally body-slammed a fellow contestant and somehow remained in the competition.

Dude should have been sent home about four dozen times, but somehow, he made it all the way to the Homewtown Round.

That was when he slut-shamed Hannah for having the audacity to hook up with other guys, despite the fact that she was single, and that’s the way the competition hasd always worked.

WTH, Luke?!?

Anyway, it seems Luke didn’t learn a whole about being a decent human being from his experiences on The Bachelor.

He said he did, of course, and he went on and on abou how he was inaccurately portrayed by bad editing and blah, blah, blah …

But as we all know, actions speak louder than words.

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown

And Luke’s actions continue to scream "DOUCHEBAG!!!"

According to a new report from Entertainment Tonight, NZK Productions — the company that produces The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — has successfully sued Parker for $100,000 for breach of contract.

Parker’s contract prohibited him from making ":any unauthorized media appearances between the time the contract was signed and one year after the broadcast date of the final episode of his season, which would have been July 2020."

Luke Parker

Luke must have read his contract wrong, because he wound up making several unauthorized media appearances during that time.

Not only that, he further breached his contract by harshly criticizing the show and its producers in numerous interviews.

As Colton Underwood’s recent memoir reminded us, all you have to do is wait the requisite year, and you can talk whatever trash you want about the show, the producers, the other contestants, etc.

Luke Parker Photo

But apparently, Luke couldn’y manage that, and so, he’s out six figures.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

In case it’s not completely clear, we’re being 100 percent sarcastic, and Luke remains the douchiest douchebag in Bachelor history. 

Long may he reign.