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It has only been a month since news broke that Cardi B is divorcing Offset.

At her birthday party, they weren’t exactly acting divorced. In fact, they had a steamy makeout session.

It's Offset and Cardi B!

On Saturday night, Cardi B held her birthday celebration.

The beloved rap phenomenon and often astute political commentator (seriously) turned 28 years old.

She had a birthday bash in Las Vegas.

Offset and Cardi B on Instagram

The guest list included Offset, her ex and the father of her child, Kulture.

Another guest was Megan Thee Stallion. Another was Kylie Jenner.

Notably, both women were involved in the "WAP" music video, with Megan rapping alongside Cardi.

Cardi chartered a Playboy jet for the occassion.

Kylie arrived in her own private plane to gift Cardi with a new Birkin bag.

(Even for millionaires, simply chartering a private plane is often expensive, but Kylie is in a whole other financial category)

Kylie Jenner Looks Intense in WAP

But though the jets may have been private, the festivities were made very public by attendees.

Cardi and Offset’s divorce is no secret, so they weren’t just putting on a show as the two made some very public displays of affection at the jam-packed party.

The same sexual chemistry that led to them sharing a 2-year-old daughter was in full view of the attendees.

Cardi and Offset were spotted making out.

As Cardi and her friends danced at the hotel, Offset placed his hand on Cardi while she danced in frotn of him.

Cardi also gave Offset a lap dance. Offset referred to Cardi as his "girl" as the evening went on.

Before the party, Cardi shared a glimpse on Instagram of the bright pink billboard that she was given — in Kulture’s honor.

Cardi flaunted the gift, writing "Thank you sir. I love it."

We can see why!

It has been widely inferred that the billboard was a gift from Offset. That is a very fair assumption.

"Sir" is pretty much reserved for Presidents or someone who’s dicking you down.

Between a lot of factors, including Cardi’s political leanings, it seems more likely that Offset was the "mystery" gifter.

Cardi B and Offset Photograph

Also, it would just be weird for someone who isn’t family to gift Cardi a billboard that reads "Happy Birthday Mommy. Love, Kulture."

Shortly before Cardi took to social media to gush about the billboard, Offset was on social media admitting that he missed Cardi.

Actually, he referred to her as "MRS. WAP," referring of course to Cardi’s latest smash hit … or possibly to her genitals. Probably both.

Cardi B and Offset Kiss

Reports have repeatedly stressed that Cardi and Offset are not going to reconcile, even though Cardi has quashed the rumors that they are divorcing because (notorious cheater) Offset impregnated a side piece.

So what are we to interpret from the makeouts and lapdances and expensive gifts?

Our guess is that Cardi just wanted to forget reality and have a good time. You can be horny for someone and still know that you’re not an ideal fit as partners in the long haul.

Cardi B Mid-Rant

There were troubling reports of the entire crowd chanting for Cardi to take back Offset, which is … deeply f–ked up to say at any time, especially on someone’s birthday. That’s not your business.

Speaking of the crowd, we have to acknowledge that this sounds like a recipe for COVID-19 spread.

Lots of tightly packed people, dancing and drinking together? False negatives are a thing (I know someone who got TWO false negatives before her diagnosis with COVID), and any party can wait.