Britney Spears Reposts Bizarre Dance Video, Leaves Fans Deeply Concerned

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If you're a Britney Spears fan, you're probably aware that the singer has been going through a difficult time in recent months.

Spears has been under the control of a conservatorship controlled by her father for most of her adult life, and now, it seems that her unsuccessful efforts to liberate herself are taking a major psychological toll.

Britney With a Flower Crown

Concerns for Spears began when she burned down her home gym in April.

Those fears have since intensified as a result of bizarre social media posts in which Britney seems to be begging for help.

Some have gone so far as to suggest that Spears is sending coded messages to her fans through her Instagram page.

Britney Spears Demands Attention

It sounded outlandish at first, but there are two reasons why the theory is actually quite plausible:

1. Britney's conservatorship severely limits her freedom, and she might have no other way to communicate with the outside world.

2. Some of her posts are so bizarre that the only way they could possibly make sense is if they're written in some sort of secret code.

On Wednesday, Britney reposted a video in which she can be seen dancing erratically in her home.

(All of Britney's videos are shot inside her home these days, and not necessarily because of the coronavirus. Fans have speculated that Spears is essentially being held captive.)

"This is my next project “Just a Touch of Red“ .... get it .... RED ROSE ??? Ps way more of RED to COME," she captioned the video.

Britney Is Serious

"My hair will get a little wilder and my body a little sweatier !!! Pss I’m reposting this video because it’s more clear …. and it’s an extended version !!!" Britney added.

"Pssss for every 20 pictures I post in this top ….. know that I have at least 100 other pictures in the same top so forgive me with the first 20 !!!!! You know you’ve done it too  ….. I hope you all are doing well!" she concluded.

It's possible that Britney just likes to post in a stream-of-consciousness style, and she generally doesn't go back and edit for clarity.

Britney's Day In Court

That's perfectly fine, of course.

Britney's lack of a filter is one of the things that her fans love about her.

But it seems there's more going on here than meets the eye.

Britney Spears Goes Light on the Makeup

Britney is clearly emphasizing the word "red" and many of her fans believe that's no coincidence.

Throughout her tumultuous summer, colors have played an important role in her Instagram posts, beginning when a fan asked her to wear yellow in her next post if she's in danger.

Spears complied, and she mentioned the word "yellow" several times in the following week.

Britney Spears in Yellow

In the comments section of Brit's latest fans expressed deep concerns.

"This is absolutely not normal," wrote one follower.

"If you are in danger, post this video one more time," a second added.

Brit Spears Pic

"No Britney we don’t get it," a third chimed in.

One follower spoke for everyone who's been following this story when she wrote:

"This is so scary and terrifying."

You can say that again.

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