Britney Spears Is Being Held Captive, Adult Film Star Claims

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If you've been keeping up with the Britney Spears situation in recent weeks, you know there's reason to be concerned about the pop icon's well-being.

Fans began to grow concerned when Britney burned down her home gym back in April.

Brtiney Spears: Quarantine Six-Pack

Then for a while, it looked as though her situation might be improving.

In May, Spears was reunited with Sam Asghari.

She had been separated from her boyfriend due to the coronavirus lockdown, and fans took the reunion as a good sign, as Asghari is generally thought to be a positive influence in Britney's life.

Brit Spears Pic

Shortly thereafter, however, Brit's Instagram followers began to notice that something was amiss.

It's not always easy to put your finger on exactly what's wrong, but Spears hasn't seemed herself in recent weeks.

Britney's conservatorship places a much of her life under the control of her father and handlers, and many are convinced that the star is being manipulated and hidden from public view.

"I made cherry muffins with brown sugar this morning …. I left them in the oven just a touch longer so they would be crisp. ..... I prefer the BITE!!!!!!!!" Britney captioned the photo below, which was posted last week.

Britney on Instagram In 2020

"Pssss I would show you a pic of my muffins …… but anything I make in the kitchen with my two hands goes in my stomach GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!" she added.

It's not the first post in which Brit seemed a bit ... off.

The rambling captions, the plain white backgrounds, the sameness of her posts and poses.

We're not saying Britney is being forced to post upbeat content in order to give the impression that all is well -- but we are saying that if someone were forcing her to post upbeat content, this probably what the end result would look like.

Brtiney Spears: Quarantine Six-Pack

Several fans have expressed concern in the comments, and a few have even encouraged Spears to send coded messages to the public if she's in danger.

One implored Brit to wear yellow in her next post if she's in danger.

She did, and she even referenced the color of her shirt in the caption.

"HOLY HOLY CRAP!!!!!! My florist surprised me today by making the flower arrangement all different colors," she wrote.

Britney Spears in Yellow

"I was so excited I threw on my favorite yellow shirt and just had to SHARE

That might seem like pretty solid evidence, but it could also be a total coincidence.

Other fans have encouraged Britney to send another signal if she needs help.

“Britney… if you’re in danger, take photos outside with your dogs. WE LOVE YOU," one follower wrote this week.

Britney Spears Has Lost Weight in Quarantine

Thus far, there's been no dog pic, but that might serve as further evidence that Britney does not have full control of her Instagram page.

The theory that Britney is essentially being held captive by her handlers might sound implausible, but it's being supported by some people who genuinely know what they're talking about when it comes to this sort of thing.

Like Spears, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has been in the spotlight since childhood, and she recently expressed her concern, commenting:

"You ok Britney?"

Bree Olson: 'Unity' Premiere at DGA

Bree Olson is a former adult film star and ex-"goddess" of Charlie Sheen's, so she also knows abuse and exploitation when she sees them.

Olson went off in Britney's comments this week with a direct allegation against the singer's management team:

"If you guys are going to try and cover for her at least make the posts more realistic and buy her clothes that don’t look like they’re from wet seal," Olson wrote.

Britney Spears Wears Victorian-Inspired Garb

"Maybe change out these same khaki shorts that she wears all the time," she added.

As you can see, Bree clearly believes Britney is being exploited, and she knows whereof she speaks when it comes to such matters.

We hope that the theory is baseless, and Britney is doing just fine.

But we also hope that her fans will remain vigilant and stay on the lookout for signs of distress.

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