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Congratulations are in order for Mykelti Brown.

The daughter of Christine and Kody Brown, who has appeared often on the reality show Sister Wives, announced on Thursday that she and husband Tony are expecting…

… a BABY!

Mykelti Brown Pregnant
Photo via Instagram

"Tony & I are PREGNANT," wrote Mykelti on Instagram as a caption to the photo above, elaborating as follows:

"We’ve been planning this since we were married almost four years ago. So happy that it’s finally happened.

"We are expecting the baby in March 2021.

"Happy beyond belief and I can’t wait to share another amazing experience with my @tonychessnut husband. #pregnant."

Photo via Instagram

We haven’t heard yet from either of Brown’s famous parents, but Mykelti told People Magazine that her loved ones are pretty darn psyched about the news.

"When we found out we were ecstatic. It was so wonderful when we could tell our family and we were so happy they were all excited with us," she told this publication.

Added Tony: "I’m excited to have another player in our team."

This will be Kody’s third grandchild.

Daughter Maddie Brown Brush is mother to daughter Evangalynn Kodi, 1, and son Axel James, 3, whom she shares with husband Caleb Brush.

Mykelti and Christine

Mykelti and Tony are both 25 years old and got married in December of 2016 in a large ceremony surrounded by more than 400 guests at the Bloomington Country Club in St. George, Utah.

"I’m most excited about being able to wake up every morning to him and go to bed every night knowing I’m safe in his arms," the beautiful newlywed told People shortly after tying the knot.

The couple have remained in Utah, while Mykelti’s mother and father moved to Arizona about two years ago.

But Mykelti and Tony have remained in the news and remained close to Sister Wives fans because they often host Facebook or Instagram live sessions with followers.

Photo via Facebook

In July, for example, the pair admitted that the Sister Wives aren’t especially close.

"When we were younger the older kids were really, really close.

"But the hardest part of maintaining a relationship with any of your siblings or parents is if you decide to move away," she explained at the time, adding:

"I would say I’m close with most of my siblings, not all of them."

Photo via Instagram

Mykelti also recently confiirmed that Meri and Kody really do have quite a few issues.

Asked about the apparently hiccups in their marriage, Tony told the individual who asked online:

“It’s real, but it’s blown up.”

"I don’t know their personal life," Mykelti said.

"Between any of the siblings, individual siblings, individual parents or whatever, we really don’t know a lot of what goes on. We know what’s between us and someone else.

"Yes, I know what’s going on with their houses. If they’re moving. They’re not! But we don’t know the rest of that."

Kody Brown Interview Pic
Photo via tLC

This isn’t about Meri and Kody, though, of course.

It’s about Mykelti and Tony and their baby on the way!

We’re so very happy for these two!