Meri Brown: Will She Ever Return to Arizona?

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In many ways, Meri Brown bid farewell to her husband a few days ago.

Via yet another cryptic Instagram Stories meme, Meri made it clear she was done spending time with people who make her miserable.

And we all know Kody sits high stop this list.

Meri in Black and White

The Sister Wives cast member was speaking figuratively, however, or so we assume. She was just making a general statement about Kody's lack of support of the years.

But now?

Based on her latest social media message?

We're wondering if Meri was actually being literal... could she be saying goodbye to her immediate family for good and for real?

Meri Brown with Boxes

Meri's latest Instagram photo is a snapshot of her dog resting its head on her lap.

It's cute, but also possibly telling.


Because it was snapped in Utah, where Meri has remained ever since celebrating the 150th anniversary of her bed and breakfast.

Meri Brown: Does She Care?

We documented a few days ago how Meri and her daughter and even her niece went to Utah in order to honor this occasion, hosting a number of events at the inn Brown has owned and profited from for years.

Kody, though, was nowhere to be found.

He didn't recognize the anniversary on social media and he definitely didn't join Meri at the establishment last week.

Now, meanwhile, it looks as if Meri hasn't bothered heading back to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Meri Brown with Coffee

When will she do so? We have no idea.

Considering all the shots she's taken at her spiritual husband for months now, we also must ask: WHY would she do so?

Along with this adorable canine photo on Instagram, Meri made a reference to a "happy place" in her caption, seemingly hinting that she is quite relaxed and content near her bed and breakfast.

And anything but these things down in Arizona.

Meri Brown in Her Mask

The relatioonship between Meri and Kody has been very contentious ever since the latter divorced the former in 2014 to marry Robyn Brown and legally adopt her kids.

Both sides have talked broadly about getting a fresh start and trying to rekindle their romance in the years since -- but the talk has been cheap.

Their actions have said a lot more.

These actions include not spending their wedding anniversary together in April, almost never seeing each other during quarantine and Meri posting quotes such as THIS.

Meri Brown and a Pillow

"Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need," said Meri last week online.

She added along this same theme:

"People who genuinely care. These are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through."

So there you have it, right?

He may have been there awhile, but Kody has seemingly passed through -- and is now a goner.

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