Larissa Lima: My Cam Show Made $100K Because I Look Like Kylie Jenner Now!

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Before Larissa Lima's harrowing arrest by ICE over the weekend, she was having a great week.

She debuted her new revenge body in a cam show ... and make an obscene amount of money!

Larissa Lima in September 2020

Despite assurances from fans, friends, and loved ones for some time, Larissa was very unhappy with her body.

Well, this year she underwent five different surgeries -- two in February and three in August -- to the tune of $72,000.

These elective surgeries have given her the nose, boobs, butt, tummy, and thighs that she always wanted.

Larissa Lima - [my new boobs] really make a big difference in my life

Larissa's inspiration for her body transformation may have been Kylie Jenner, but she also felt inspired by the strippers at her 2019 divorce party.

If sex work could be a living for them, why not for her?

So Larissa's incredible new body made its debut on CamSoda just last week.

Larissa Lima IG CamSoda stream ad 14 September 2020

Now, Larissa didn't bare all during her livestream.

She made it very clear that her cam work would be a sexy oil show, but not explicitly sexual.

The lingerie show, which lasted for just one hour, ended up raking in huge dough for CamSoda.

Larissa Lima Poses After Surgeries

According to TMZ, Larissa raked in over $100,000 for the site -- not bad for just an hour's efforts.

Fame has its benefits, as apparently Larissa's viewing numbers were ten times those of what their biggest porn stars and Instagram hotties usually pull.

Larissa now ranks in the Top 5 for all-time views on CamSoda.

Larissa Lima Flexes Her New Body

Larissa debuting her new body to thunderous applause was not the only major event last week.

Though she is still recovering from her August surgeries, she and Eric packed up their lives to head to their new home.

The pair purchased a home in Colorado Springs, and packed up their U-haul to make the trip.

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul

Unfortunately, on Saturday morning, things took a turn for the worse.

Larissa's friend Carmen Nys, who has appeared on the show, broke the horrifying news.

ICE had come and detained Larissa, taking her away. Carmen and Eric raced to the courthouse to intervene on her behalf.

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa Lima arrested by ICE 19 September 2020

Fortunately, though the arrest has been confirmed as having taken place, it looks like things did not go too far.

Larissa was freed just hours later. By later Saturday afternoon, Larissa and Eric were once again on their way to Colorado Springs, albeit a little shaken by the experience.

We are sure that this traumatic event will haunt Larissa, but it is now -- like Vegas itself -- behind her.

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa LIma RELEASED by ICE 19 September 2020

Larissa made sure to update her fans and reassure them that she was okay.

She thanked her friends and attorneys for their swift work on her behalf.

Addressing her fans, she thanked them for theri concern, prayers, and well wishes during her ordeal.

Larissa Lima is FREE

The epic highs and lows of 90 Day Fiance fame aside, moving is a huge deal, and many are unsure of how Larissa will take to Colorado Springs' weather or community.

Vegas is Vegas, and it will be interesting to see how Larissa adapts to a new environment.

Fingers crossed -- hopefully we'll get to continue to follow her story on future seasons of the show! If not, there's always Instagram and her new YouTube channel.

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