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This week, Larissa Lima debuted her new body and prepared to move to her new home with Eric Nichols.

Tragically, she has now been arrested by ICE. (See the update below!)

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It was Larissa’s good friend, Carmen Nys — with whom she had previously lived for a time — who broke this awful news on Saturday, September 19.

"Hi everyone," she begins. "I am here with Eric Nichols right now."

Ripping off the bandage, Carmen writes: "Larissa just got arrested by ICE when she was about to leave their house and move to Colorado."

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"Why have no clue why," Carmen laments.

She shares: "I want to let her family, fans, and friends know that we are going there right now."

"And," Carmen’s devastating message concludes, "as soon as I have more info, I will keep you guys posted."

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90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates boosted Carmen’s heart-shattering news.

TMZ confirmed the arrest, and even spoke to a rep for Larissa.

"Larissa’s legal team is working meticulously on her release," the rep shared, "and clearing up this misunderstanding."

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This is devastating news, not only because we have gotten to know Larissa so well over the years, but because no one deserves this horror.

ICE is a horrific organization created just 17 years ago. It has terrorized communities of color, particularly latine communities, living in the US.

The stories of abuse, neglect, and sub-standard conditions in ICE’s various internment camps are more than just cause to disband the heinous organization — it is a clarion call to prosecute every single member.

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When it comes to Larissa, specifically, this comes at a heartbreaking time — not that there is any good time to experience such a horror.

Larissa and Eric had just closed on their new home in Colorado Springs.

The two had been celebrating the happy news on social media.

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"Hey guys! September 30th you will be able to see everything about my life on my YouTube channel," Larissa teased this week.

She revealed: "I will be talking about my children in Brazil, as well as my arrests. I want to apologize to all of you for the delay in my answering questions."

"These are personal and delicate topics," Larissa expressed, "which I have to be sure I share with necessary sensibility."

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Larissa was so excited to unlock this bold new chapter in her life, continuing to live with her boyfriend, Eric.

For months, Larissa has talked about her plans to leave Vegas behind her.

To have something like this happen with no warning or explanation, just moments before a road trip like this … we wish Larissa the very best.

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Update! On Saturday afternoon, Carmen revealed that Larissa has been released from ICE after she, Eric, and Larissa’s legal team advocated for her release.

We do not know the details behind what led these goons to arrest her.

Fortunately, she is not only free again but back on the road with Eric and en route to their new home and new lives in Colorado Springs!!