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It was a strange summer for Kourtney Kardashian.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians came to an end; Kourt was the subject of constant speculation that she’s back together with her baby daddy, and … oh, yeah, she still had to deal with that pesky pandemic that’s dragging everybody down.

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But in recent weeks, the most controversial aspect of Kourtney’s life might have been her friendship with Addison Rae.

Addison is.a 19-year-old TikTok star and Instagram influencer, and while you might be unfamiliar with her yourself, she’s a full-blown star on Donald Trump’s least-favorite app.

Earlier this year, Rae disappeared from social media amid allegations of past racism.

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She returned with an apology shortly thereafter, and these days, fans and critics have shifted their focus to Addison’s latest scandal.

Specifically, they want to know why a 19-year-old is forever posing for racy photos with a 41-year-old mother of three.

Kourtney posted a new series of photos of herself and Addison over the weekend.

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"Two more days of summer," she captioned the sultry snaps.

"A dream," Addison commented.

The response was mostly favorable, and the post has already racked up more than 2 million likes.

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But there was also some criticism from commenters who think it’s a little weird that Kourt is always striking suggestive poses with a girl who’s less than half her age.

"This friendship still weirds me tf out," one user wrote,

"Shes 41 and she’s hanging around with 19 year olds in swimming pools," another chimed in.

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"This friendship is so confusing," a third user remarked.

Kourtney noticed the criticism and was quick to respond:

"Do you suggest a better place," she commented, adding:

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"I’m looking for ideas…" Kourtney added.

Fans mostly loved the clap back, but a few pointed out that Kourtney failed to address the very real concerns about her relationship with Addison.

Rae is legally an adult, and there’s no law against her constantly posing in skimpy attire with a woman who’s old enough to be her mom.

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But there’s no denying that the situation is just a little bit weird.

It seems that Kourtney is trying to help Addison reach the next level in her career and move on from her race scandal.

Her chosen method of doing so is showing lots of skin, which is no great surprise, as it’s a strategy that’s always worked for the Kard clan in the past.

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But Kourtney and Addison’s attempts at provocation have brought them into some very strange territory in recent weeks, particularly when Kardashian referred to Rae as her "husband’s girlfriend."

The suggestion seemed to be that Addison is sleeping with Scott Disick.

Many jumped to the conclusion that Kourtney is also on board, and they’re all involved in some sort of a throuple situation.

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If that’s the case, there’s sure to be some backlash.

Again, Addison is old enough to consent, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be exploited, and being dragged into Scott and Kourtney’s troubled relationship would be an intense experience for anyone of any age.

If Kourtney’s main goal in all of this is really just to help Addison become an A-lister, there must be an easier way.

Maybe these two should just host a podcast, like every other famous person on the planet.