Kendall Jenner Comes Out as a Stoner: I Smoke a Ton of Weed, Bruh!

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Well, it looks like we might have figured out why the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are munching on salads approximately 90 percent of the time they're on TV:

They all have contact highs from hanging out with Kendall!

Kendall Jenner Does Some Modeling

Yes, Kendall recently came out as the family stoner, and ... well, no one is really all that surprised.

The valley girl drawl, the love of sweatpants, the tendency to take Kanye seriously -- really the only thing that's surprising about this situation is that Kendall is the only member of the Kar-Jenner clan who's constantly high.

The subject came up when Kendall and Kourtney sat down to record an episode of Kate and Oliver Hudson's Sibling Rivalry podcast.

Kendall Jenner: Boob Selfie 2020

The episode was recorded back in January but just released this week.

So we guess we don't have to ask smokes a ton of weed in the Hudson-Russell family, as the answer is clearly "everyone."

"If there was a stoner [in your family] who would it be?" Kate asked at one point.

Kendall Jenner Retro

Kourtney didn't miss a beat in replying, "Kendall."

"I am a stoner," the 24-year-old model promptly confirmed.

"No one knows that, so that’s the first time I’ve ever really said anything out there."

Kendall Jenner on Her Gram

So does anyone else in the family join Kendall when it's time to clam bake the Maserati?

Well, sadly, she didn't reveal if any of her sisters also make regular trips to the dispensary.

However, Kourtney and Kendall both confirmed that Kylie is the "most laid-back" member of the family, so do with that information what you will.

Kendall Jenner X Kylie Jenner

That could mean that she and Kendall blaze together, or it could just be that she's laid back because nothing can really harm you when you're the world's youngest billionaire.

Anyway, Kendall's revelation is interesting not because it's so crazy that a 24-year-old SoCal resident enjoys weed, but because the Kards are usually very cagey about this sort of thing.

We know that Kim Kardashian was on ecstasy when she made her sex tape, and we know that Kanye gets into trouble when he's off his meds, but other than that, the family has kept revelations about chemicals to a minimum.

Kendall Jenner Listens and Learns

In fact, when a photo of Khloe smoking a joint leaked a few years ago, she issued a dubious (lol, "doobie") statement denying that it was pot.

Looking back, it's sort of insane that we watched 14 years of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and there was so little partying involved.

Granted, Scott Disick guzzled enough booze for the entire family, but someone else must have been getting effed up from time to time ... right?

Kendall Jenner Makes a Strange Expression

Anyway, maybe now that the show is coming to an end, we can look forward to more of these revelations.

Perhaps Kendall's next step is Joe Rogan's podcast, where she'll puff on a comically huge blunt while discussing her experiences with DMT.

Yes, we're holding out hope that the Kar-Jenners will reveal themselves to be secretly interesting now that KUWTK is wrapping up.

It's a bit of a wild dream, but we can't shake the feeling that 2020 really owes us something good, ya know?

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