Jenelle Evans: Caught On Video Screaming at Ensley?!

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Jenelle Evans has launched an ambitious new project in which she attempts to clear her name with a series of YouTube videos.

Okay, so it's only ambitious by the standards of Jenelle, a woman has never held a full-time job.

Jenelle With Ensley on Instagram

Anyway, the important thing is, Jenelle can't even make herself look like a decent human being in a video that she shot and edited herself.

In the first installment of her creatively-titled "I Have Something to Say" series, Evans pulled out all the stops.

She cried; she blamed everyone else for her problems; she cried some more ...

Jenelle Can Count

In other words, she acted like Jenelle Evans.

If you're one of the three or four people who missed her drug-addled melodrama on Teen Mom 2, you've probably been loving every second of her new series.

The rest of us were left thinking that if Jenelle wants to get rich from something she produced on The Land, she should probably convert her she-shed back into a meth lab.

Jenelle in Tears

Anyway, Jenelle's videos are bad for all the obvious reasons, but also because of more subtle forms of awfulness.

For example, the first version of her first video featured a scene in which Evans shrieked at her 3-year-old daughter as punishment for the unforgivable crime of ... walking into a room?

Jenelle deleted the clip when fans began to comment on it, but it still tells us everything we need to know about her parenting style.

Jenelle with Kaiser and Ensley

"She deleted the part when she yells at one of her children for coming into the room," one person tweeted.

In a rare display of honesty, Evans replied, "yes I did lol."

When other people began to criticize her for what appeared to be an instance of verbal abuse caught on tape, Evans became more defensive.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

"Yeah, I told my daughter to get out because it was a very emotional day," she tweeted.

"You're trying to tell me you have never told your kids to get out of your bedroom?! Righhhhhht."

Well, it's certainly true that most people yell at their kids at one point or another.

Jenelle Evans For QAnon

But there are several crucial differences in Jenelle's situation.

For one, most people have never had their kids taken away by CPS.

And most people correct their kids harshly when the kid knowingly did something wrong -- that's not the case with a 3-year-old who interrupted filming on a freakin' YouTube video.

Jenelle Holds Ensley

"I've never spoken to my kids that way. She's crazy as hell." wrote one viewer on Reddit.

"Uh no. I don't screech like a banshee at my child," another person wrote.

"If she thought it was a normal reaction why did she quickly take down the video to edit that part out?" a third asked.

Jenelle and Ensley at Disney

Yes, the consensus on Reddit -- and among all sane grownup human beings -- is that Jenelle's reaction was way, way out of line.

"Not that I would excuse her yelling at Jace," one person began.

"But it would make more sense if she sat Jace down and said 'hey we're filming something, don't bother us' and then Jace came in anyway, that would be irritating," they continued.

Ensley on the Beach

In contrast, there was no way that Ensley knew she was doing anything wrong.

"But do you think Ensley would understand that they're filming and need quiet? Not a chance."

Children need patience and understanding -- things that Jenelle does not appear to have to offer.

Jenelle Evans with David and Ensley

"I mean I've only been in the 'mom game' for two years but… yes? Yes I actually say I've never told my child to get out of the room I'm in if they're looking for me?" another person wrote.

"I wouldn't think twice about a good mom telling her kids to get out and go play while they're trying to work but Jenelle isn't a good mom," a third chimed in.

"Oh- I've yelled at my kids. But not for coming to tell me something or ask me something. Emotion was no excuse for her reaction." yet another commenter pointed out.

Jenelle and Daughter

Meanwhile, others have pointed out the way that -- even when normal parental frustrations may be understandable -- yelling is a toxic behavior that does not belong in any household.

In Jenelle's case, it is just one thing among many.

Jenelle was creating a toxic environment for her children long before David came along. Now, Jenelle's behavior is the least of her children's problems -- in the worst way imaginable. This incident is just another example.

Jenelle Evans With Ensley

The point is, what Jenelle did was wrong, and the list of reasons why it was wrong goes on and on.

But rather that paying attention to that list, she'll just continue traumatizing her children.

And then she'll act all shocked if they get taken away by CPS again ...

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