Jed Duggar: Caught Lying About His Resume on the Campaign Trail?!

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Last year, Jedidiah Duggar announced that he would be running for a seat in the Arkansas State House of Representatives.

In some ways, the news was not surprising.

Jed Duggar

After all, Jim Bob Duggar previously held a seat in the state house, and it was always assumed that at least one of his sons would fellow in his footsteps by entering the political arena.

But in many other respects, Jed's announcement came as a total shock.

For starters, he's running in a district in which he's never lived.

Jed Duggar Dot Com

On top of that, Jed is just 20 years old with very little in the way of professional experience of any kind and virtually no exposure to the world of politics.

Now, it seems he's decided to side-step both of these issues by utilizing one of the most valuable tricks of the budding politicians' trade -- lying.

Yes, according to a new report from the Patheos blog No Longer Quivering -- a top resource not only for Duggar news, but also for information about the Quiverfull movement -- Jed's website takes some serious liberties when listing his credentials.

Jed and Michelle

For starters, the site claims that he was a campaign manager for Arkansas state senator Bob Ballinger.

Now, Jed was only 18 when he joined Ballinger's campaign as an unpaid volunteer.

It seems a bit unlikely that he would be promoted to campaign manager in the few months he was on the job.

Jed Voted

On top of that, Jed claims that he can relate to other "overtaxed small business owners" as a result of his experience as owner of Champion Motor Cars.

Champion is a real company, but according to all of the information listed about it online, it's owned by Jed's older brother, Josh.

We can see why the family might want to pretend that a known child molester doesn't own the dealership, but that doesn't mean Jed is free to just declare himself owner.

Jinger Duggar With Jed

As for the residency issue, it seems Jed has been "living" in a huge house owned by his father in Arkansas' 89th district.

According to No Longer Quivering, the home doesn't appear to actually be occupied.

Apparently, Jed has deleted photos that show that the house has almost no furniture in it.

Jed Duggar and Jeremiah Duggar

And anyone who knows anything about the Duggars knows it's highly unlikely that Jed is cooking for himself instead of sitting down for tater-tot casserole at the "big house" with Jim Bob and Michelle every night.

Perhaps all of this is to be expected, as Jed is hopelessly out of his depth and out-classed in this election.

But you better believe his folks are throwing the full weight of their celebrity behind his campaign.

Jim Bob Campaigns

The couple was spotted canvassing for Jed -- without wearing masks, of course; Jim Bob thinks the coronavirus is a hoax -- and one resident tweeted about a hilariously awkward encounter.

It seems Jim Bob has been confusing Trump voters with Biden supporters.

Jed's gonna need to be a lot more savvy than that if he hopes to pull off an unlikely victory in November!

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