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No one reasonably questions Brielle Biermann’s audacious curves.

But her lips were once her most infamous feature. Brielle knows that better than anyone.

Brielle Biermann, Fresh Out of the Pool

She has no plans to repeat past mistakes.

Earlier this month, Brielle shared a throwback to October 17, 2019.

That throwback, posted to her Instagram Stories, highlighted how ginormous her plumped lips used to be.

"Don’t miss the big ass lips, though," Brielle wrote across the throwback.

"Small lips by the best," she wrote across another image, from January of this year.

In that image, she tagged her doctor, Dr. Thuy Doan.

Earlier this year, she spoke about her decision to deflate her lips to more human proportions.

Brielle acknowledged that she had taken the look too far, even questioning why her friends hadn’t held an intervention.

Though she does intend to have her lips touched up from time to time, she is seeking a nuanced middle ground between thin lips and flotation devices.

Brielle Biermann Lounges in a Yellow Bikini

Speaking of flotation devices, Brielle is also gracious enough to remind the world of how outrageously hot she is.

She shared two recent snaps of her lounging and reclining in the surf.

The crystal clear water, her sun-baked skin, and her bright yellow bikini add up to quite the color palette.

Brielle Biermann Reclines in a Yellow Bikini

Brielle never needed convex lips when she already has plenty of curve in her stellar hips.

Add her bust and booty to the mix — and she has absolutely done so — and you have an unquestionable hourglass figure.

Even those of us spending these final weeks of summer eager for winter weather don’t mind this little taste of hotness, as a treat.

Brielle Biermann Thirst Traps the Entire Beach

Earlier this year, while some reality stars allowed their mindrot to make them resistant to pandemic safety precautions, Brielle was helping to lead the charge on virus safety.

She encouraged people to social distance, wear masks, and avoid non-essential activities as COVID-19’s impact first became felt here in the US.

And she looked outrageously good while she was at it.

Brielle Biermann Chills by the Poolside

In late May, Black Lives Matter protests broke out from coast to coast, in major cities and in small towns, with solidarity marches in cities across the globe.

Brielle used her platform and her voice to promote the powerful message, doing her part in the largest civil rights protests in human history.

The franchise that made her family famous has a few stars who could learn a thing or two from Brielle, quite frankly.

Brielle Biermann Looking For Her Ride or Die

We’re sure that Brielle’s friends didn’t mean to let her down by not speaking about what she was doing to her lips.

It is normal to trust your friends to know what they are doing, especially when you assume that they know exactly what results they’re getting.

After all, Brielle’s mom’s lips were doing the same thing for ages.

Brielle Biermann Transformed for 2020

But all good things come to an end, and so too must the horrors of excessive lip fillers.

That said, Brielle has every right to have her flesh prison look however she likes.

At the moment, though, it is getting rave reviews — and deserving them.