Brielle Biermann DESTROYS Critics: Yes, I Am Naturally This Hot!

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Brielle Biermann is many things.

She's a reality star. She's an entrepreneur. She's a walking, talking thirst trap.

She is also the last person about whom you want to make claims that you can't back up.

After the Don't Be Tardy star and Real Housewives of Atlanta progeny shared some gorgeous, natural selfies, she was accused of faking them.

Her skin couldn't look so smooth and glowy naturally, right?

Wrong - as Brielle explained when she clapped back hard at the accusations that were fired her way.

Take a look below and see her words, and the tantalizing photos in question, for yourself.

1. Here is how it started

Here is how it started
Brielle Biermann is 23 and outrageously hot. She redid her look for 2020 and it is WORKING for her. But the Don't Be Tardy star's general, unquestionable hotness is not the source of contention.

2. What got people talking was her caption

What got people talking was her caption
When Brielle posted this pair of photos on Tuesday, May 26, she included a caption: "No hair extensions, no makeup, just chillin.'"

3. What was the issue?

What was the issue?
People -- including infamous media outlets like The Daily Mail -- questioned her "claim" to be going makeup free. How could selfies that hot be barefaced?

4. They declared that she was lying

They declared that she was lying
Without even trying to guess at what alleged motive Brielle might have for such a fib, she was accused of making a pointless lie.

5. It was weird

It was weird
Keep in mind that we're talking about Brielle, here. She's been open about her lip fillers, both getting and then, more recently, removing them. When she wears makeup, it's crystal clear.

6. Now, she is clapping back

Now, she is clapping back
"Hahahha what the f–k. Why would I lie about not having makeup on..?" Brielle remarks.

7. Her eyelashes? They're real

Her eyelashes? They're real
"Lmao I’m allergic to eyelash extensions so I don’t get them," Brielle points out.

8. And the context for the selfies?

And the context for the selfies?
"I literally came from the pool to the spa," Brielle reveals. "If you don’t see me with a full face of makeup I’m not wearing any."

9. Beyond that ...

Beyond that ...
"I literally put a LIL swish of mascara on every day," Brielle shares, "and call it a day."

10. But she's chosen to see it as a compliment

But she's chosen to see it as a compliment
"Thankful for good skin to keep y’all thinking it’s foundation," Brielle remarks. You can't control what people say about you, but you can usually do something about how you respond.

11. It's a whole new Brielle

It's a whole new Brielle
This year, Brielle has totally revamped her look -- and there's never been a better time to do it. 2020 is already crazy enough, so why not take a risk?

12. High risk, high reward

High risk, high reward
Brielle said farewell to her lip fillers, having had her "fill" of the look if you will excuse the abysmal pun.

13. She also went brunette

She also went brunette
A lot of folks have been changing their hair this year, but Brielle was ahead of the curve. And speaking of curves ...

14. It's not that she wasn't hot before

It's not that she wasn't hot before
A sizable portion of Brielle's brand is built on her undeniable hotness, as it should be.

15. And look at this ...

And look at this ...
She and Kim are no longer "twins!" It was cute, don't get us wrong, especially since Kim had Brielle at a young age and they were able to pull off looks that other mother-daughter combos could not.

16. That's not all ...

That's not all ...
Ariana is flaunting tan, glowing skin and brown hair too, just like her big sister!

17. For reference

For reference
This photo dates back to just a little over a year ago. All three women are still gorgeous, but Brielle and Ariana are going their own way when it comes to personal style.

18. Brielle really caught a lot of attention

Brielle really caught a lot of attention
She celebrated turning 23 in Nassau, in The Bahamas, darkening her tan and showing her glowing skin for all to see.

19. She didn't celebrate alone

She didn't celebrate alone
Brielle partied with ottery thirst trap Ty French by her side, a double-trouble treat for the eyes.

20. Good for her!

Good for her!
We're glad that Brielle was able to party hard before the pandemic hit. So many of us have joined the Lockdown Birthday Club, and let me tell you, it is not all that it's cracked up to be. Brielle, on the other hand, missed it by a few weeks.

21. Speaking of which ...

Speaking of which ...
Brielle has also used her platform to responsibly encourage her followers to follow social distancing guidelines and to help flatten the curve.

22. It's refreshing

It's refreshing
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out some of the worst in people, including a number of reality stars who have made dangerously untrue claims to their millions of followers. Maybe they could follow Brielle's example by promoting good messaging and just being super hot? That last part is less important but, you know, it does make lockdown a little easier.

23. Just to be clear ...

Just to be clear ...
Just because we're huge fans of Brielle's new brunette look doesn't mean that we've forgotten her blonde days.

24. Bring on the throwbacks!

Bring on the throwbacks!
Brielle is showing off her versatility. Not everyone can pull of multiple, wildly different looks and still be hot or recognizable. She can do both.

25. There's a limit on throwbacks, folks

There's a limit on throwbacks, folks
Brielle shared this photo a few years ago to comment on how much her look had changed during her teens. This is Brielle at 13. Please do not let her see this throwback or she will hunt us for sport.

26. Anyway ...

Anyway ...
There's a reason that Brielle has her own social media following that's not just a carbon copy of her mom's Instagram followers and alos isn't entirely made up of Don't Be Tardy fans.

27. It's not just hotness, either

It's not just hotness, either
A lot of the time, she's just downright relatable. Okay, her lifestyle is fancier than most, but it's her vibe.

28. Brielle is fun to watch

Brielle is fun to watch
Her attitude -- whether she's feuding with a full on Real Housewife or clapping back at dumbass makeup rumors -- has earned her own fans, even the ones who don't come for the selfies and belfies.

29. Those too, though

Those too, though
What can we say? Brielle's photos belong in an art gallery.

30. Keep it up!

Keep it up!
As you can see here, Brielle can casually snap a mirror selfie and a mirror belfie without batting an eye. It's always nice to watch a master work.

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