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It’s not exactly a secret that Brielle Biermann is super hot. It’s a pivotal part of her brand.

And she’s making it part of her mom’s brand, too, using her outrageous body to promote her mom’s swimwear.

Brielle Biermann Flaunts Her Beach Body Silhouette

Before we get to the business side of things, let’s go through Brielle’s photos.

We’ll save the explanation of the brand that she’s promoting until our brains reboot from these smoldering pics.

Brielle is putting her audacious curves on display in a mouth-watering beach photoshoot.

Brielle Biermann in a Robin's Egg Blue Bikini in the Sand

It’s not just Brielle’s tantalizing silhouette that is making eyes pop, however.

The particular cyan of her bikini isn’t just perfect for the beach — it’s perfect for her.

Look at the majestic color contrast between the thin strips of cloth and her golden brown skin.

Brielle Biermann Wades Into the Water

Whether you have ample melanin or have simply tanned a lot, that contrast makes you stand out.

And, as we mentioned, the color of the bikini really goes well with the sparkling ocean water.

But there’s even more to these promotions than a visually pleasing color scheme.

Brielle Biermann Thirst Traps the Entire Beach

Brielle almost looks like she made time itself stand still so that she could get this shot.

She is poised like a Disney princess in decades past when they could bare their midriffs without making moms’ blood boil.

This is modeling and photography, and a great reminder that both are art forms.

Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak Are No Longer Twins!
Photo via Instagram

Okay, so if your brain is done rebooting after that tour of thirst traps, it’s time to put those pics in context.

Salty K is a luxury swimwear brand by Kim Zolciak.

It just launched about 10 weeks ago — on June 1, 2020.

Photo via Instagram

The timing of that brand launching was … inauspicious.

Between millions of Americans taking to the streets in courageous protests against escalating police violence to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was bad luck.

But Brielle did her part, modeling her mother’s brand on Instagram — her own and on her mom’s brand’s IG page.

Brielle Biermann Looking For Her Ride or Die
Photo via Instagram

So, that unfortunate timing being what it was, how did it turn out for Salty K’s big launch?

As Kim shared in a video on Instagram, she was moved to tears by the sales.

… Because her products sold out so quickly. She was relieved, pleased, and touched all at once.

Brielle Biermann and Ty French in The Bahamas
Photo via Instagram

We’re sure that there was more to it than Brielle, seen here with ottery hottie Ty French, doing some modeling.

After all, Kim is a celebrity in her own right and she must have had a marketing strategy including advertising things to fans.

But still … Brielle helped her mom make her products look appealing, and clearly it worked.

Brielle Biermann is Cozy at Home
Photo via Instagram

Brielle is a known hottie who has used her brand for good causes.

This year, she has reminded her fans and followers to obey common sense guidelines during COVID-19.

She has also used her platform to promote the Black Lives Matter protests, speaking extensively about her privilage (and doing more than just The Black Square).

Brielle Biermann Flaunts Natural Look
Photo via Instagram

It’s only fair that she use her platform to help herself — or, when she chooses, her family.

Congrats to Brielle for, as always, looking intensely gorgeous.

And congrats to Kim on her successful launch!