Anna Duggar Continues to Promote Counting On: Could She Return?!?

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We hate to be the ones to break it to you, television fans, but you may need to brace yourselves for the worst.

You may need to accept the fact that Josh Duggar may one day make his way back to the small screen.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

We're not sure what other takeaway there could be at the moment, considering Anna Duggar's recent onslaught of promotion for her in-laws' reality show, Counting On.

Anna and her heinous husband, Josh, stopped appearing on this program years ago... in the wake of Josh confessing to molesting his sisters and also cheating frequently on his wife.

However, despite being kicked off the series, Anna has been telling followers of late to make sure to tune in for various new episodes.

Anna Duggar and Her Youngest

Earlier this week, the mother of six posted a preview of the Counting On season finale to her Instagram stories, alongside a countdown clock to alert supporters to its start time.

Anna also shared footage of the episode that chronicled Joy-Anna's pregnancy news, just nine months after she suffered a harrowing miscarriage.

Anna referred to this as a "sweet episode," which marked one of the first times she had posted positively about the reality series.

Fans across the country are therefore wondering whether or not Anna is planting the seeds for a return to the spotlight, following so many years off the air.

season finale night

Why might Josh and Anna want to jump back in to the Counting On chaos?

It's not hard to surmise, is it?

The couple needs the money, especially as their family continues to grow and also as Josh continues to lose out on endorsements and other business opportunities.

Taking to Instagram last month, Anna shared pictures from the upcoming Counting on Christmas special, writing:

"It means a lot when our family is included (on rare occasions) in the events that air on tv with Joshua’s family. We had a blast celebrating Christmas with an ugly sweater party and a Christmas play!"

Anna Duggar Reads

As for why TLC would want Josh and Anna back in the picture?

It's not hard to surmise, either, is it? 


So, basically, also money.

Anna Duggar on Quasi Christmas

It was revealed in 2015, of course, that Josh molested numerous underage girls, including four of his sisters, when he was 14 and 15 years old.

He was then revealed to be a client of the adultery website Ashley Madison, eventually admitting that he cheated on his wife.

The Sun, meanwhile, more recently reported that Josh’s car business, Wholesale Motorcars, is no longer open, as Google lists the company as “permanently closed.”

The closure of Josh’s used car dealership came around the time Homeland Security Investigations conducted an “ongoing federal investigation” at the lot in November 2019.

No charges were ever filed against Josh.

Anna, Josh, Baby

In related news, Anna and Josh may have a prominent storyline if/when they show up on Counting On down the line.

Asked about having future kids by an Instagram follower this summer, Anna didn't deny that baby number-seven could be on the way in the near future.

"As of now, we are enjoying our 6 kids God has given us!" she said, adding: "Nursing gives me a nice break between babies so it will probably be a little while before that’s a possibility."

We all know it will happen one day, however, don't we?

Let's just go ahead and pray for this child right now. He or she will definitely need it.

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