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Little People, Big World.

Major scandal?

Amy Roloff with a Bag

This may be a slight exagerration, but Amy Roloff has become the latest member of her family to step into some hot water for something she posted during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this week, Tori Roloff — someone who almost never stirs up any controversy on social media — posted about wanting things to return to "normal" so she could take her son to Disneyland.

Considering the far bigger concerns average citizens have these days (their health, their jobs, etc.), many critics jumped on Tori for focusing on something that doesn’t matter.

They slammed her as rich and entitled.

Tori and Children

Previous to this mini scandal, Audrey Roloff got herself in some trouble.

The podcast host, author and former TLC personality earned a lot of backlash for urging folks to try and ignore the pandemic and all the social unrest around the country in order to think about all the positives in their lives.

This is far easier said than done, however.

Especially for people who are sick and/or for minorities who can’t just ignore police brutality and racism — they must deal with it every day of their lives.

Photo via Instagram

So this brings us back to Amy.

Late last month, the mother of four shared a photo of herself on Instagram, a reusable bag in tow.

"It’s important that we all reduce our plastic use to help the environment, and reusable tote bags can help!" she wrote as caption, adding:

"Oregon no longer gives bags away in stores so I always have to bring totes to the store with me to carry all my groceries!"

Photo via Instagram

So far, so good and harmless, right?

But then Amy wrote:

The "Eat. Love. Gather…" tote bags in my store come in blue and white, and three different sizes, so you can be ready for everything from a short trip to the store to a day at the beach.

You can get them on my website, the link is in my bio!

Amy Roloff with a Box
Photo via Instagram

Roloff proceeded to get dragged for two reasons.

First, for seemingly being out of touch because a lot of cities and states around the country actually are NOT allowing reusable bags to be brought into stores — out of concern of these items helping to spread the coronavirus.

Secondly, and more disturbingly, Amy is receiving some criticism for trying to profit off a pandemic.

"Bad timing to advertise this bag as a grocery bag since most places in the US don’t allow outside bags," wrote one follower.

Photo via Instagram

Added another user:

"No reusable bags in Wisconsin either but suddenly that’s the least of our worries. Mask up folks and stay safe and be kind."

Others, meanwhile, found it distasteful for Amy to direct people to her online store amid these unprecedented and life-altering times.

Should she really be looking to make money off something even tangentially related to COVID-19 and everything that comes along with it?

Amy and Grandchildren
Photo via Instagram

Is Roloff exploiting the pandemic here?

Or is she just offering up a simple suggestion and leaving it up to fans to decide what they want to spend their money on?

Your answer probably depends on how cynical of a person you are.

In the end, in our opinion, there are far much bigger things to worry about these days than Amy Roloff selling reusable bags online.

Let’s all give her a break and let’s all be kind to each other, okay?